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Have you ever considered showcasing what goes on behind the scenes (BTS) during a wedding? If not, it might be time to hop on this trend! Behind-the-scenes wedding photography has become super popular lately because it offers a unique and intimate glimpse into the creative process of wedding photography. Not only does sharing behind-the-scenes content give your audience and potential clients a better understanding of what they can expect on their wedding day, but it’s also a great way for them to see you in action. This can help build trust and establish a personal connection with your clients before the wedding even takes place. But here’s the catch – you need to make sure your behind-the-scenes photography content is engaging and authentic. And that’s what our ideas could help you with!

5 Ways To Create Behind-The-Scenes Wedding Photography Content

In today’s world, visual content reigns supreme on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. And as a wedding photographer, you can leverage your behind-the-scenes footage by turning it into social media content! We all know that photographers behind the scenes do a lot more than what makes it to their website or Instagram, or Pinterest. But the truth is, your potential clients and existing followers are going to absolutely love getting a glimpse inside your work days. Here are a few ideas you could consider working on:

1. Behind-The-Scenes Video Content For Reels And TikTok

infographic stating short videos showcasing pre-wedding prep can be a great way to offer a BTS look at your process

TikTok and Instagram Reels are two of the most widely-used video platforms out there! Not only are they great for entertainment, but they are also a fantastic source for learning new things. You could leverage these short-form video formats to create engaging content that showcases your skills. Consider highlighting the behind-the-scenes process of setting up key wedding details such as the rings, the wedding dress, veil, bouquets, etc. You can later reveal the final look through your photos. 

Videos that show the pre-wedding preparations can be a great way to give a BTS look at the process. Show your audience how you communicate with your clients, pack your photography gear, or set up equipment. Remember, you don’t want to bore your audience with continuous footage. Instead, simply share snippets or sneak peeks of you doing your thing! 

Note: If you’re planning to post some fun Instagram Reels or TikTok videos, be mindful of what you’re sharing. You definitely don’t want to reveal the bride in her dress before the ceremony! This is a big no-no that can potentially offend the couple and put a damper on their overall wedding experience. 

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2. Share Snippets Of Your Couple

If you own a YouTube channel, recording and posting interview sessions with your couples is a great way to offer more insights into your work. This is a great opportunity to share stories that don’t make it to the final album. If you want to give it a try, have an assistant or a friend help you out with the recording process. You want to create a comfortable space where the couple feels at ease and ask them questions like how they met and what they love about each other. And don’t forget to ask why they chose you as their wedding photographer! This is a great opportunity to get some video testimonials

It’s a great way to personalize your YouTube wedding photography channel and feature your clients on it as well. The key is to keep the conversation natural and relaxed without overthinking or scripting too much. Just go with the flow and let the conversation guide itself. 

3. Feature Your Teammates 

infographic stating invite your audience to appreciate the teamwork, leadership, and dedication required for wedding photography

Lights, camera, teamwork! The magic of a real wedding can only be captured through the collaborative efforts of a talented team of professionals. So it’s essential to shine a spotlight on the skilled individuals who contribute to your triumphs! Sharing captivating features across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can showcase the creative minds behind the shoot. You could also consider offering a glimpse into your team’s collaboration, camaraderie, and team-building activities. This enriching, behind-the-scenes wedding photography content invites your audience to not only admire the final product but also appreciate the teamwork, leadership, and dedication that bring each spectacular wedding photograph to life.

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4. Showcase Your Workspace

Your home office or studio is where all the magic of your wedding photography comes to life. And what better way to showcase that magic than by giving your audience a behind-the-scenes wedding photography tour of your workspace? During the tour, you can discuss your working environment, your workflow, the equipment and software you rely on, and any upgrades you’ve recently made. This can give aspiring wedding photographers a quick glance into what they can purchase and include in their own work environment. 

Additionally, showcasing your office setup can also give clients an understanding of how professional and organized you are. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate the value behind choosing you over any other wedding photographer. Show your brand values and give a positive first impression by displaying any awards or accomplishments you have received in the background. The more they know about you, the more they can trust and appreciate your work and book you for their special day. 

5. Create Tutorials + Instructional Videos

infographic stating add an educational angle to your BTS content with tutorials and instructional videos

One of the best ways to share behind-the-scenes wedding photography content is to turn them into mini-tutorials that offer wedding photography tips to fellow wedding photographers. In today's tech-savvy world, the presentation style matters as much as the content. After creating these mini-tutorials, add subtitles to videos for better accessibility to a larger audience. You can use tools like VEED for this purpose, which also doubles up as a video converter for different formats. But remember: The trick is to keep it short, educational, and entertaining. For example: If you’re photographing a couple who has a significant height difference, you could tell people the specific things you keep in mind or how you pose them to take the focus away from the height difference. Similarly, you could also give tips on how to photograph couples who hate posing in front of the camera or tips for photographing weddings with pets.

For potential clients or customers, you could consider creating content that they can use. For example: Some tips on how to stay sane while planning a wedding, or you could share some of your favorite vendors or offer tips on how to pose confidently. To do this, set your phone or camera on a tripod (or simply hold your phone at a flattering angle) and tutor away! 

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infographic stating sharing BTS content provides an exclusive insight into your creative process and expertise

Wedding photography is so much more than just delivering quality snaps on the big day. Showcasing behind-the-scenes content provides an exclusive insight into your creative process and expertise, letting clients get to know you better; inspiring trust in the services that they will receive. Plus, it’s a great way of demonstrating how passionate and driven you are about providing exceptional service too! Whether it’s a quick time-lapse video of you setting up a shot, a fun boomerang of you and your team getting ready for the big day, or a series of photos showcasing your equipment and setup, there are so many ways to turn your behind-the-scenes footage into engaging social media content!

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