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You’ve probably already seen or at least heard about Instagram Reels by now. As if hours of scrolling through countless Instagram photos wasn’t enough, the app decided to introduce Reels in 2020 after seeing how sensational TikTok turned out to be. And now, it’s like we all live on the app. The moment you think you are ready to put your phone away, there’s another video that you absolutely need to watch. Those of you who can’t relate, we would love to know how you are not enticed to just keep scrolling through the millions of entertaining video clips on your timeline or Discover page. But it’s not all about scrolling to pass time. As a wedding photographer, you can use these short video clips to attract potential clients, market your brand, and diversify your social media strategies. In this blog, we tell you exactly how!

5 Instagram Reels Ideas For Wedding Pros

1. Your Posing Techniques

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While there might be many, not every couple is comfortable with posing in front of the camera. Whether or not you are a master at posing your couples, you probably have certain go-to poses for different types of clients. Posing for couples who feel awkward in front of the camera, posing for couples with a significant height difference, posing for couples who are not fans of PDA – for this category of Reels you could even create different videos for different kinds of couples. Learn from your experience and put that into these videos. 

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2. Location Recommendations

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While you may not always be involved in helping your couples pick a location for their photo shoot, your location recommendations could be extremely helpful for couples who are planning a destination photo shoot or simply don’t know what could be the ideal location for them. Ideally, these videos should include locations where you have previously photographed clients, but if you can put in the research and want to share videos that offer information on 10 dreamy Central Park engagement spots or the best spots for a picture-perfect beach wedding in Hawaii, then you could do that too. Just make sure that these actually offer an ideal environment for the event and for taking photos.

3. Wedding Planning Tips

If you’ve clocked in a handful of years as a wedding photographer, you more or less know the ins and outs of the wedding industry, and know what it takes to plan a wedding. Big or small, destination or elopement, you could consider making Instagram Reels that guide to-be brides and grooms and make wedding planning a little easier. Try not to just recycle what’s out there already. Instead, attempt to create entertaining videos that also give your viewers valuable advice. Wedding planning can be stressful, but when your clients or potential clients come across a video clip you created outlining the first 5 steps of wedding planning or how they could get better at crisis management on the wedding day without freaking out, they are going to remember and appreciate you even more.

4. Vendor Shout-Outs

Infographic stating use Instagram Reels to introduce your followers to other vendors they could hire for their wedding

While it may be all about business, the wedding industry also heavily relies on genuine and meaningful relationships – with your couples and other vendors too. When you establish authentic relationships with other vendors, not only can you make lifelong friends in the industry but they could also help expand your client list by sending clients your way. However, always remember that you can return the favor too. If you have a list of vendors that you have worked with multiple times or have friends or family members who could use a shout-out for their services, you could consider making Reels that include their names, services, and contact information. In this list you could include venues, florists, bakers, dress designers, DJs, etc. This way, couples looking at your page can head to their page and perhaps even finalize another vendor for their wedding. Plus, besides helping out your followers, this is also a part of nurturing your relationships. 

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5. Market Different Shoots

Besides offering helpful, educational, and entertaining videos to your followers, you could also create short video clips to market your services. If you shoot proposals, engagement sessions, and anniversaries, make videos informing potential clients about why they should be getting these shoots done and why you are the best person to photograph them. Most couples might not know that these are a part of your services or might be on the fence about whether or not they should get an engagement session done, your videos could help convince them to hire you! Also, if you offer services like boudoir photography, maternity shoots, or family portraits sessions, you could market those through Reels too.

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Have Fun With Instagram Reels

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The above ideas are just some of the ways you could use Instagram Reels for your wedding photography business. Just remember that while it’s good to keep up with the latest trends, stick with your brand identity and be original. Blindly following Instagram trends won’t help you stand out. And on a platform where there are millions of videos, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Think outside the box; see what works for you and your audience and keep working on that. Anyone can offer special discount codes to their Reels viewers (you could too!), but getting creative and showing your audience what you do in a way that leaves them asking for more or perhaps even sending you a message appreciating your work or wanting to book you, that takes a little more work and imagination. While this might be another thing to do in your daily TDL, try to have fun with it! That way, it won’t feel like another daunting social media task and you might just learn some new things. Also, don’t forget to add the Reel to your Instagram stories and share it on your main Instagram feed to increase its reach.

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