How to Make More Money: Quickly Book Mini Sessions

Everyone has a wish list for their business. Many of the ideas you have likely include projects to grow your business to the next level. And for you to reach your goals, it’s often necessary for you to make more money. As a wedding photographer, what are things you can do to bring home additional income that do not require too much of your time?

In our first post of this series, we discussed how to make more money by adding a photo booth to your pricing packages. Today, we’re excited to discuss how you can book mini sessions throughout the year to make more money.

Mini sessions can be something you do during the holidays or the slow season (or even when you have a bit of time free thanks to your outsourcing decisions, such as a photography editing service). You can shoot quick family, newborn, or maternity portraits for your past clients, or others who match the description of your ideal client. The important thing to note about mini sessions is you need to properly plan them and ensure they make you money, not the other way around. Here are a few additional tips to help you properly book mini sessions for your business.

Share About Mini Sessions

Since you typically offer full sessions to your clients, and mini sessions are meant to make additional money for your business, make sure you share when mini sessions become available. Send an email to your client list to provide the details, like the date, timeframe, and cost. Use your blog and social media platforms to reach ideal clients who are not currently on your email list.

When you share the news with a larger audience, use techniques to help you reach ideal clients. The reason it’s important to reach out to ideal clients instead of everyone is because you want people who will be invested in you, and think of you when they need to book a full session rather than a mini session. *Remember, you can share this specific post on Facebook with ideal clients through advanced targeting methods so your post about your upcoming mini sessions only reaches them.*

Photography duo Ashley and Graham Scobey share on their Facebook page about their past mini sessions and the upcoming ones they have available. It’s an enticing post which invites clients to learn more about the details.

“So… yeah… I’m OBSESSED with mini-sessions. My Fall mini-session round-up is over on the blog today, and I’m officially taking bookings for our Spring mini-sessions! (link in comments)” Ashley and Graham Scobey

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Choose a Specific Date

Because mini sessions usually run about 15-20 minutes, you can fit multiple shoots into one day. This invites clients to book your mini sessions for a few reasons. If you choose a specific date (or two) to have all of your sessions, and do not offer additional dates, clients will feel more of a rush to book before there is no more space. Plus, you will maximize your time instead of spending 20 minutes on different days where you could be putting your time toward something else. When you take on a task that is not necessarily your number one profit-generating activity, it’s important you schedule it and your time properly so you actually profit from mini sessions.

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Charge a Fair Price

When you think about a fair price for mini sessions, make sure you are not overpricing the session – but also, don’t forget to include what is fair to you. Although you are taking less photos, you are still putting a similar amount of time in as you would for a full session.

Post-event sales should also follow the same process as a full session and result in additional income from each shoot. Schedule your in-person sales meeting when you first meet your clients so they are aware of their options. It can also be a good idea to include a viewing when the images are finished, so you can continue to talk about their decisions to purchase other products.

Avoid Over-Delivering

Because mini sessions are an alternative way for you to increase your overall income, make sure you avoid over-delivering images or digital files to clients. The reason for this is because you may discourage them from ever booking a full session with you since you give them so much at the lower price point. If you promise 20-30 images after the shoot, but send them 40-45, why would they want to book a higher priced session? For couples who want more images, a specific date, and more time, suggest they upgrade to your full sessions.

Instead of over-delivering on images, you can over-deliver on their experience with you. Similar to any other shoot, stay in constant communication, follow through on your promised turnaround time, and make the process as easy and exciting for them as possible.

When you properly book mini sessions for your business, you can easily make more money and continue to reach your goals. Another great way for you to bring in additional income to is encourage your clients from both your mini and full sessions to purchase prints! Find out how our newest service, Extra, does all the marketing of your prints for you so you can continue to increase your overall profit here!



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