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Being a wedding photographer, capturing picture-perfect moments of your brides on their big day is a given! But have you ever considered learning how to sell bridal sessions to maximize the power and potential of solo sessions with the bride? Bridal sessions are a huge win-win for your clients and your business. However, selling bridal sessions can sometimes be challenging, and knowing where to start can be tricky. In this blog, we unveil the strategies that will fortify your business plan and elevate your value proposition to new heights. Read on for five tips on how to sell bridal sessions like a pro!

5 Effective Tips On How To Sell Bridal Sessions

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If you’re looking to expand your business and bank account, it’s time to consider incorporating bridal sessions into your repertoire. But how do you create the magic that leads to profit? It all comes down to the upsell. 

As artists, you may find it difficult to broach the subject of additional fees. However, this is the best way to sell the idea of bridal sessions to our clients. Be upfront and talk about what you can offer beyond the wedding day. Highlight the unique nature of bridal sessions and their added value to the overall experience. Remember, you provide a unique and artistic skill set worth every penny! 

1. Sell It As An Upgrade

Selling bridal sessions can be a lucrative addition to your model business plan. Learning how to sell bridal sessions as an upgrade, it’s essential to integrate it into your conversations with the bride from the beginning. Use the term “upgrade” and price it accordingly, reinforcing the added service’s value. Try to avoid including it in your services, especially if you already offer an engagement session. Instead, consider offering a mini session or special discounts and promotions to entice your clients.

Find a price that works for you and your client, and even offer credit towards a wall art or display piece. If you choose to include digital images in the package, ensure the wedding photography prices reflect the time, editing, skill, planning, and production requirements.

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2. Sell Directly To Your Target

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When selling bridal sessions, knowing your market and who you’re catering to is essential. Traditionally, bridal sessions have been a mainstay in weddings, but the bride doesn’t always seek them out. Often it’s the bride’s mother or even the bride’s grandmother who wants to capture those precious moments. So, as you plan for these sessions, have the MOB or GMOB on your contact list. Try reaching out to them early in the wedding photography timeline planning to build a rapport with them and ensure the bridal portrait session is customized to their vision.

3. Sell It As A Gift

As you think (and believe) of it, not only is the bridal session a unique gift idea that the bride (and her mom) will adore, but it can also increase your revenue. When you talk it up with potential clients, emphasize how stunning it would be to display a solo image of the bride at the reception. And after the wedding, that photo will make a lovely art piece that the bride’s parents will cherish forever. This is an especially meaningful gift for moms of only daughters that might even bring happy tears. So, consider the power of selling bridal sessions as a gift – it’s a win-win situation for you and your clients.

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4. Sell It As A Once-In-A-Lifetime

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The bridal session is an opportunity to create a different kind of perfect from the wedding day photos. It allows the bride to feel like a queen without the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities. With a carefully curated session that includes all the necessary elements, the bride can showcase her wedding dress, veil, flowers, hair, and makeup in a unique and pristine style. 

By capturing the moments in a unique location, your brides will have a completely different set of imagery that will stand out and be memorable. When pitching the idea to your clients, be specific about the benefits they will receive, such as feeling more comfortable and confident on their wedding day, and let them know how truly once-in-a-lifetime it can be. 

5. Sell By Showcasing Your Work

To sell bridal sessions to boost your business, you must promote your work and showcase your skills to potential clients. Promoting images of past bridal sessions on your social media platforms and website is a great place to start. By highlighting your past work, you can give potential clients a sense of the quality of your photos and inspire them with beautiful images. 

Additionally, leverage online reviews by encouraging satisfied clients to leave feedback about their experience. These reviews can be powerful for gaining new customers and generating more business. Make sure to promote these reviews along with your portfolio to maximize your reach and impact. With the right promotion and reputation, selling bridal sessions will become a breeze in no time!

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Working on how to sell bridal sessions is all about seizing opportunities and going the extra mile to provide value to your clients. Keep in mind, there’s never a bad time to expand your offerings, and success often lies in your ability to think outside the box and explore upsell potential. Don’t hesitate to follow up with clients after the session to ensure their satisfaction and build lasting relationships. This way, you’ll enhance your photography business and create memorable client experiences that will keep them coming back for more. So, seize the moment, get creative with your wedding photography tips and techniques, and start capitalizing on the potential of bridal sessions. You never know what exciting opportunities might arise!

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