As a wedding photography business owner, there are constantly areas of your business that you can improve. Between improving your marketing strategy, personalizing your pricing, and updating your blogging workflow, the possibilities are endless for what you can do to grow your business! The one roadblock you might be familiar running into is finding the time to implement your ideas. We have good news for you! At ShootDotEdit, we believe that your time should be spent working on areas of your business that only YOU can do, meaning that we want to help you out! By utilizing our photo editing services, you can free up time to focus on areas of your busy that need your attention.


Since partnering with us, Erin Youngren found the time to work on the aspects of her business that draw in clients:

“So much of my time was being taken up with workflow that I was unable to put a lot of effort towards writing. I write a lot for our blog, which brings us a lot of business and great clients. We’re able to build a really great relationship because I have time to write now.”

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Not only can you work on your blog and website, you can focus on marketing through social media, building new email campaigns, or following your passion of teaching fellow photographers how to have a successful business. Here’s a look at other photographers who have seen the growth in their business after partnering with ShootDotEdit.


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The less time you spend working on your images and instead focus on marketing, networking, or blogging, the more you will grow as as a wedding photographer! The free time that you have will allow you to take your business in any direction you desire. Download our How to Integrate ShootDotEdit into Your Workflow Guide to learn more about what we can do for you!


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