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Facebook is an ideal platform to share your images and content with your target market. And although not as commonly used, Facebook hashtags can still provide you with value in expanding your reach. We recently chatted with ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Heather J. Keys about how she uses hashtags on Facebook to cater to her ideal clients and the benefits of doing so. Keep reading to decide whether you should use hashtags on Facebook posts in the future.

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About Heather J. Keys

Heather J. Keys is a fun loving Temecula Wedding Photographer, that has been in the industry for over 10+ years. She started her photography career shooting with medium format film and eventually took the plunge into the digital world back when you couldn’t get more than a 5-megapixel camera. Heather has a Rolleiflex camera tattoo on her arm because that is the same camera her grandpa use to shoot with when he was into photojournalism. She has a passion for capturing thought and emotion provoking images, that show the true spirit and essence of her clients’ special day. Besides photography, Heather is also the Marketing Coordinator for Shoot & Share | PASS | Agree. She can also be found co-hosting Workshops + Stylized Shoots around the United States during the off-season for Creatively Inspired Workshops.

Facebook Hashtags

One of the main ways to stay top of mind with ideal clients is to increase the awareness for your business. Social media is a simple way to share your images and content and encourage followers to learn more about you. When you incorporate Facebook hashtags on your posts, whether they are geared toward your brand, are trending hashtags on Facebook, or are Facebook wedding hashtags, you cater to your target market and what they are interested in.

In the past, we have talked about creating a strategy for hashtags to use on Twitter and Instagram, as those are two of the top platforms to do so. Today, we are focusing on hashtags on Facebook, and if you should use them on the posts you share.

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Quick Tip

Don’t forget to share your top photos from every shoot on your social media accounts. After you send your images to a wedding photo editor, like ShootDotEdit, share the best images that represent the overall story with your followers.

Share More About Your Brand

When you incorporate branded hashtags on Facebook, specifically on your business page, you create a specific area just for your business on the platform. After you book your clients, you can share that hashtag and encourage them to provide it to their family and friends. As they search for your branded Facebook hashtag, they will see your collection of images and posts and learn more about you.


“Every post I , I try my best to use my brand as a hashtag. When you use your brand as a hashtag, you create your own specific spot on those platforms.” – Heather J. Keys

Hashtag Suggestions

For branded Facebook hashtags for photographers, use something that closely relates to your business name. A few suggestions are: #johndoephotography #janesmithweddingphotographer. You can also try hashtags that highlight your brides, like #jsbrides.

Target a Specific Location

Just like you can create ads that target a specific location, Facebook hashtags can also help you place your content in front of the correct audience. For example, Heather uses hashtags aimed at the location where her ideal clients are.

“I gear my hashtags more toward location. If I’m targeting couples who are in the San Diego area, or Temecula area, or Orange County area, I am going to use hashtags that are geared to the location specifically. For instance, I often use #sandiegoweddingphotographer or #sandiegoweddingphotography. I use those and have the geographic location that I’m trying to target in those hashtags. Couples who are in San Diego are looking for photographers in that location, so I try to include that into my hashtag strategy.” – Heather J. Keys

Hashtag Suggestions

For hashtags that are focused on the location where your ideal clients are, use ones, such as: #orangecountyweddingphotographer or #indianapolisweddingphotography.

Quick Tip

In addition to the location, don’t forget to use hashtags for your vendors and venues. Ask your vendors and venues if they have specific hashtags they like to use, or simply use their name as the hashtag.

Promote Contests and Offers

As a business owner, Facebook is a great tool to help promote your business and attract ideal clients back to your website and blog. And, Facebook hashtags can be especially useful when you run contests or offers that you want followers to take part in. Create a unique hashtag you can share with your peers and followers who participate. This helps spread the word about your contests or offers, meaning more people will be a part of it.

Hashtag Suggestions

For hashtags that highlight your contests or offers, use the name of each, like: #jslikeandshare2017 or #jslightingcontest2017. This will encourage your followers to use that when they participate, helping it spread to a larger audience.

If you decide hashtags are the best option for you on Facebook, there are a few ways to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of them. Here are additional tips to help:

  • Use fewer hashtags on Facebook. Unlike Instagram, where you can use up to 30 hashtags, use fewer on Facebook. These hashtags should be ones that are specific to the post you share and the audience you want to see it.
  • Cater the hashtag to the topic. No matter what you share, cater your hashtags to the topic of the post. If you share a link to your most recent blog post, use hashtags that will encourage your ideal clients to click on the link. For posts that are educational or for photographers, include a hashtag that relates to the specific topic.
  • Use similar hashtags on each platform. Although your strategy will differ for each platform, use similar hashtags on each to connect your brand. This ensures consistency and can help your followers recognize your hashtags on each platform.

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Facebook hashtags are a simple way to expand your reach, and help you share more about your photography business. Have you decided whether you should use the most popular hashtags on Facebook, ones that match your brand, or ones that promote your photography business? If you already use them, let us know in the comments more about your strategy. If not, try them out and track the results.

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping wedding photographers grow their businesses. And to enable you to do that, we help lighten your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services, giving you more time to focus on other important aspects of your business. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing page.

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