infographic stating how to create facebook ads to book more weddings
As a wedding photography business owner, learning How to Create Facebook Ads to Book More Weddings as part of your advertising plan has probably crossed your mind. Do you want to draw more clients to your business? Do you want to remain visible to prospective clients? Magazines, sample albums, leaflets, brochures, or events are all avenues of advertisement. They all are essential for the success of a professional photographer. But, in this digital age, you need to go further and use online and social platforms as well to get more clients.

Advertising your wedding photography business on Facebook might not be a bad idea. The latest Facebook statistics show that there are 243.58 million monthly active users in the United States. Read on for lots of amazing tips and tricks for how to create Facebook ads to book more weddings.


infographic stating use Facebooks precise targeting tactics to successfully find your ideal clients and cater to their needs

The key to advertising is targeting, and Facebook has the best ad targeting of any site. Facebook allows you to get super specific about what audience your ad reaches. You can easily identify your prospective clients and target them through Facebook. You can target anyone who searched for a wedding or an engagement photographer. You can also reach out to people who looked for any other wedding vendor.

Facebook ads to book more weddings let you target by:

  1. Location: City, state, country

  2. Gender: Male, female, or other

  3. Age: 20-35 years, for example

  4. Interests: Fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature

  5. Behaviors: Past behavior, such as someone visiting your website

  6. Connections: People who already like your page or who have connections that do

  7. Custom audiences: Existing customers or leads like couples engaged 1 year ago, couples engaged 6 months ago, or engaged 3 months ago

Now that you know how beneficial Facebook advertising can be, let’s learn about its types.

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A lot of photographers use paid marketing to expand their business reach. It’s a good investment that can have a great return. To reach your audience with improved Facebook advertising, you need to know about it.

1. Standard Ads

You can call it a regular ad or a traditional one. This is the gateway to all Facebook advertising. This standard format is good for every purpose and fulfills every goal. So what’s the con here? Everyone uses this. The competition for standard newsfeed ads is higher. Impressions rates are lower than most. The trick to having a high-performing ad in this style is to optimize it with every sales angle you can think of. Differentiate your ad from the rest of the competition.

2. Video Ads

infographic stating Facebook video ads cut to the chase and almost immediately grab a viewers attention

If you want to go viral, then take out your camera and start shooting. These kinds of ads are great if you want to show off your product and all its cool features. Bonus points if you can have text overlay included in your video. Video ads cut to the chase and grab the attention of your audience almost immediately. Video Facebook ads to book more weddings can be some of the most beneficial!

3. Right Rail Ads

These are fun-sized ads on the right column of your newsfeed but they are only shown to desktop users. Right rail ads are extremely effective in sending traffic. They show higher conversion rates compared to standard ads.

4. Lead Generation Facebook Ads to Book more Weddings

You can get people’s names and numbers easily with these ads. If you’re planning on doing any giveaways or events, or want to collect leads, then this is the one for you. These ads are more cost-effective in collecting leads. Facebook makes the signup process as easy as possible with their autofill forms. These forms are customizable too. Overall, the lesser people have to do, the higher the probability they’ll convert.

5. Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)

Also known as Carousel Ads, DPAs ads are great if you want to showcase many products all at once. They are also helpful if you have one product to highlight its individual features. These ads are highly effective with great images, creative content, and storytelling. These ads need high interactivity to get the message across. Use these Facebook ads to book more weddings.

PROTIP: You can divide these ads into two broad categories. First are ‘sponsored ads’. They appear on News Feed to users and users can scroll past them. The second ones are ‘right column ads’. These stay on the right-hand side of your screen all the time your target audience spends on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Ads to Book More Weddings

infographic stating master facebook ads to boost conversions and traffic and book more weddings

To create wedding photography Facebook ads to book more weddings, you’ll need to follow these 7 steps:

1. Login to Your Facebook Account and Go to the Menu

To create the wedding photography Facebook ads, simply login to your Facebook account. Go to the menu from the top right corner and click on the Create Adverts option.

2. Choose the Objective of Your Facebook ads to book more weddings Campaign and Set up Advert Account

On this new page, you need to set the objective for this ad. Since you want to bring users to your website, you should select Traffic. Now scroll a little and click on the Set Up Advert Account button. Add the basic details like country, currency, and timezone. Hit the Continue button.

3. Select the People to Target with Location, Age and Gender

Next, select your target audience. In the Locations dropdown, you can select Everyone in this location. In the Age and Gender section, you can select your choices. Narrow down your target audience to those that fit the profile of your typical customer.

infographic stating target your ideal audience using demographics to increase the effectiveness of your ads

4. Set up Detailed Targeting and Connection Type of Audience for Facebook Ads to Book more Weddings

Click on the ‘Detailed Targeting field’. Go to ‘Demographics’, then click ‘Life Events’. Now find ‘Newly-Engaged’. The ad will now target couples who recently set their relationship status to engaged. In the ‘Connections’ option, you can select ‘Facebook Pages’. You can choose the ‘Exclude people who like your page’ option to target people who have never visited your page.

5. Add Your Budget and Manage Advanced Settings

Now scroll down to the Budget and Schedule section. Set the budget, and schedule the ad from here.

Facebook requires a minimum budget of $1 a day if you base your ad on impressions. It needs $5 a day if it’s based on clicks, likes, video views, or post engagement. You can read more about Facebook ad budgets on their site. In the advanced settings, you can manage the bid amount, the timing they charge you, and more. When you’re done choosing your settings, hit the Continue button.

6. Select the Format of Your Facebook Ad and Add Image

You will see a new page where you need to select the format of the ad. There are many formats available like the carousel, single image, or single video. After choosing the format, select the image or video according to your selected format for the ad.

7. Add Link, Headline, Text, and Confirm the Ads

Now scroll down to the links and preview section. You need to add the URL of your site where you want to get the traffic from your ads. You should also add the headline and text for the ad. The ad will appear on the right side of the screen, so you can preview it and make changes as you need.

Once you feel good about it, scroll down and click on the Confirm button. Facebook will ask for the payments, review your ad, and publish it.

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Facebook Ads to Book More Weddings:
10 Basic Rules of Facebook Advertising

infographic stating know your audience and effectively engage them with the AIDA ad strategy to increase bookings
  1. Figure out the interests of your audience

  2. Tap into human behavior

  3. Target people who are your most profitable customers

  4. Write engaging copy that catches the eye and provokes action
  5. Put images that catch the eye

  6. Keep it short and simple

  7. Use CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons like ‘Shop Now’

  8. Give them the numbers (clients always want to know about the costs)

  9. Name your products

  10. Run test copies (run two ads with the same image but different ad sales copy to know which one makes the difference).

Facebook Ads to Book More Weddings:
AIDA — The Best Tool in Your Advertising Arsenal

Creating wedding photography Facebook ads to book more weddings also means knowing your audience and how to reach them. Always remember this old standard acronym: AIDA. Used by true Mad Men of advertising’s past, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

  1. Grab attention with your photo or video at the top of the ad — use your audience’s passions or problems they may be facing.

  2. Build interest in your service by referencing the problems your audience may be facing right now. (HINT: Why is it so hard to find the perfect wedding photographer?)

  3. Create desire for your service. How can you solve this problem? Help your prospect imagine what their big day will be like with you.

  4. Inspire action from your audience. This can be done by creating a sense of urgency (like a limited-time deal) or by including a special bonus (like a free engagement shoot) for couples who act now.

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Harnessing the power of effective Facebook ads has the potential to significantly increase bookings for your wedding business. By following the tips and strategies shared in this guide, you are well on your way to creating compelling ads that resonate with your target audience. The impact of successful Facebook ads not only boosts your number of wedding bookings but also contributes to overall sales growth. 

As you delve into the world of Facebook advertising, remember to continuously refine your approach and learn from your experiences. Keep a close eye on performance metrics, experiment with different ad styles, and never stop seeking opportunities to improve your campaigns. So go ahead, take the plunge into the world of Facebook advertising, and watch your wedding bookings soar to new heights. 

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