simple tricks to doubling your wedding album profits

Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand that every photographer has different processes when it comes to post-wedding sales. Selling (and even upselling) wedding albums can help you increase your overall income for the year, so it is important to have a system in place that helps you achieve your goals. In her third post with us, writer and editor, Hanssie Ho, shares Ben Hartley’s simple tricks to help you double your professional wedding album profits.

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Professional Wedding Album Profits

In the last few years, In Person Sales photography has been becoming more and more common among photographers, encroaching on the popularity of online galleries. Though online galleries are less time-consuming and extremely simple to use, many photographers are finding that taking the time to provide a post-wedding design consultation is doubling, even tripling their sales.

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This has been the case for Ben Hartley’s studio, Style & Story Creative based in Columbus, OH. It is his goal to always invite the client to do an In-Person Design Consultation in his studio. Not only does it increase the average sale, but it leads to greater customer satisfaction which means they are more likely to refer new clients to him.

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Though Ben encourages all his clients to meet him in-person after a wedding to preview the album and images, there are times when an exception has to be made. In those cases, Ben relies on the wonders of technology (in the form of Google Hangouts and Fundy Designer) to help him make the sale.

If it’s absolutely a no-go for an In-Person Design Consultation, Ben will try to have a virtual meeting with his client. “Sometimes, clients cannot meet because they are too busy, too far away, or have a zero budget above what they’ve already spent on their package,” says Ben. “Online album proofing is also a good option for photographers who are just starting out and don’t have a dedicated space or are trying to transition to In-Person Sales.”

At every Design Consultation, whether it’s online of In-Person, Ben will have one of the images framed and matted to give the client. He will send the gift to the client along with a bottle of champagne and instructions not to open the package until their Design Consultation appointment. This helps set the stage for the appointment and is a special touch that clients are not expecting, but will appreciate.

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After Ben designs the album, he uses one of the features in the Fundy Designer to send a copy of the album design to the client and together, over the Google Hangout call, they make note of the changes to the album. If the client wants to spend more time looking over the album to make changes, they can notate that through the software. Ben will then make the changes for the client’s final approval. Ben also sets up automated email reminders in the software to remind the clients to make final approvals and move them forward in the sales process.

Whether you choose to do the album proofing online or in-person, taking that extra step to walk through the album proofing process with your client provides a better service to your client and will increase sales for your studio!


A big thanks to Hanssie Ho and Ben Hartley for sharing insights on the best ways to work with albums in your wedding photography business in this 3-part series. When you find the process that works best for wedding album sales, you can skyrocket your profit.

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