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As a wedding photographer who does a lot of couples portraits, you might often be looking for new posing techniques to make your couples shine in their wedding or engagement images. And adding cute couple poses to your shot list could be one such way of highlighting the adorable chemistry that your couples share. And what if we tell you that you could achieve the desired result without making the process complicated for them? Just simple, fluid poses that look flattering on your couples, making them comfortable before the camera. If this is something you would like to incorporate during your photography sessions, then brace yourself! In this blog, we will take you through a list of amazing ideas you can use to pose your couples during their engagement session, elopement or wedding, or any other session that they may have booked with you to get some romantic images with each other.

Top 20 Cute Couple Poses For Photographers

infographic stating you can make your couples strike the most stunning poses even while keeping it simple and fun

The more couple poses you have on your shot list, the more variety you will be able to deliver in your images. But like we said, you could make your couples strike the most stunning pose even while keeping it simple and fun. For example, a couple simply looking at each other with love in their eyes can make for a really cute couple pose – and would also be super easy for you to photograph (of course, with the right lighting). For more tips on how to get those cute couple poses, read on!

1. First Look Without Looking

You can try this pose for your couple if they’ve planned a specific time for the first look before the ceremony. You may also suggest they stand back to back, holding hands without looking at each other. This will help you capture the palpable anticipation of the moment through some simple gestures and genuine expressions.

2. Ceremony Prayers

Your couple might or might not be consciously posing while the ceremony is in progress, but you can document this special part of your couple’s ceremony to get some really beautiful pictures as they sit, stand, or kneel down next to each other. 

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3. Cute Couple Poses With Props

a recently married couple laughing and playing with bubble shootersImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jorgesantiagophoto

How about throwing in some striking objects in the background or items that couples can shoot with to add an element of interest in your couples portraits? Suggest your clients that they bring some quirky props for some fun and playful couple poses. For example, masks or balloons might add a pop of color to their images as well as help them interact with each other in fun ways for photos.

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4. Silhouette Or Backlighting Poses

Let the soft backlighting illuminate your couple from an angle and then, you can photograph them in their candid forms or even ask them to pose a certain way. The use of backlighting will help you create some strikingly dreamy images.

5. Poses With Pets

a couple walking their dog on the sidewalk
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @taylorkempphotography

Are your clients proud pet parents? Do they dote on their furry baby? If so, then you have a cute couple photo idea right there! Ask your clients to bring their furry friends to the shoot. Why? Because those puppy faces and catty looks can melt hearts – and make for some adorable photos. Go ahead and make the most of it by creating some fantastic portraits of your couple with their pets. Whether your couple just holds their pet’s paws or snuggles up the fur ball, their furry baby will surely raise the cuteness quotient of your photos by several notches!

6. Pose With The Flower Girl And Ringbearer

We can easily agree that the only guests more adorable than the bride and groom are the flower girl and the ringbearer. A shot with them will stand out in the album and even make the photo look immensely adorable. Consider poses like the bride kissing the ringbearer or the groom picking up the flower girl in his arms. And just like that you’ll have a cute and memorable image that will be loved by your couple and even their friends and family. 

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7. Head On Shoulder

a married couple laughing with the bride's head on the groom's shoulder
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

“All we need is somebody to lean on…” Remember this Major Lazer and DJ Snake feat? Yes, a slight lean on the shoulder can make a photo look super romantic. The bride could keep her head on the groom’s shoulder while they both look at something interesting in the same direction. And that right there is a sweet couple pose for you to capture in your camera!

8. Arms Wrapped Around Waist

That’s another mushy pose you should consider adding to your list. Let the groom hold his ladylove in his arms from around the waist as the bride is lost in the embrace. This could easily make for yet another of those cute couple poses. Since the bride and groom would be facing each other for this one, let their eyes do all the talking as you create one more of your romantic masterpieces. For another one, the groom could hold his bride from behind while they look in the same direction. Either way, a stunning image will be guaranteed.

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9. The Classic Hand-Holding

a married couple running through a grassy field in their wedding attire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Walking hand in hand doesn’t just look sweet but makes for a cute couple pose too. For this, all that a couple would need to do is slip their hands into each others and enjoy a leisurely walk. Of course, with your expertise, you (the photographer) can take care of the rest.

10. Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses are so sweet! Capture that tender love into photos by asking the groom to plant a gentle kiss on the bride’s forehead. Or add an element of interest by going the other way round and asking the bride to kiss her groom on the forehead.

11. Walk From Ceremony To Reception

This would be your couple’s first walk together as newlyweds. You can capture this special time into pictures anytime after the ceremony. A photo of your couple at the door of the ceremony site could indicate they’re leaving for the reception venue together. 

12. Funny Couple Pose

a married couple is posing while their friends making funny gestures from the other side of a glass pane
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

Did someone say that couple photography has to be all serious? Well, we beg to differ! Couple photography can be fun and lively if couples are up to striking some silly poses. The pull at the groom’s tie, mockingly pinching one’s partner’s ears or nose, or simply jumping together – just take your pick! Ask your couple if they have more ideas and what they want to do. The aim is to allow them to have some fun and get comfortable with each other before the camera.

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13. A Hollywood-Inspired Kiss

Encourage your couple to shed all inhibitions and make this special day their own. Ask the groom to dip his partner and go for a dramatic Hollywood kiss to celebrate their love and union.

14. Lean On Each Other At Sunset

a groom picked up the bride beside a lake during the sunset

Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

This one is quite popular and a really cute couple pose. The couple can lean on each other to the point where their foreheads touch. They can also press their noses against each other’s to give this image a more romantic look.

15. Lie Next to Each Other

You can take a picture of your couple as they lie next to each other in opposite directions on a bed, a picnic blanket, or just green grass. You can also focus on their eyes to highlight the details.

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16. Candid Laughter

a couple laughing while the bride feeds an ice cream cone to the groom
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

This is one pose where your couple might not need any instruction from your end. These would be candid moments of fun and laughter when your couple just smiles, laughs, and naturally enjoys their day. These organic moments will make for some amazing photos. Just be ready as the bride whispers something into the groom’s ear, making him crack up, or when the couple does something goofy to let their inner child come out. And if you need some tricks to make your couples laugh, you could always refer to these tips listed here.

17. Kiss Under An Umbrella

Rain or no rain, this pose can make for a stellar portrait of your couple. If you choose a colorful and translucent umbrella, you can create gorgeous silhouettes. With a transparent one, you can shoot directly through it, creating a soft and hazy effect.

18. Twirl In A Flowy Dress

a groom twirling the bride in a grass field
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Adding movement to your shots
will make the images exciting. You can easily get this by asking the bride to twirl her dress or gown. A faster shutter speed will help you capture everything sharply.

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19. Grab His Shirt

Encourage your couple to show their love through this passionate pose. The bride can stand facing her groom and simply grab his shirt. This cute couple pose will surely be a hit with the viewers too.

20. A Grand Exit

a married couple on their grand exit after the wedding with flower in hand
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

Your couple can hold a ‘Thank You’ card or a ‘Just Married’ sign before they make an exit from the reception. This pose will indicate the end of celebration in style. Also, if your couple has opted for a sparkler exit, a bend-and-kiss will work perfectly here.

Well, those were some amazing and inspirational poses for you right there. We shared a mix of cute couple poses ranging from the first look to the grand exit, keeping wedding photography in mind. Though you can always add your own style and incorporate new ideas to give these poses a more personalized look depending on your clients’ preferences and photography vision. Also, if you are looking for more inspiration, we have lots in our blog section. Check it out to learn more tips, tricks, and ideas as well as get a glimpse of incredible images by ShootDotEdit customers.

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At ShootDotEdit, we love sharing tips and photography-related ideas that can help wedding photographers like you hone their craft. And our professional photo editing services help you save time and focus on scaling your business or even take some time off. To learn more about our services, take a look at our pricing plans.

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