Top 10 Bride Getting Ready Photos to Take At Every Wedding

The ceremony, the reception, and the couple’s exit photos are some of the most important parts of a shot list for any wedding. But another set of photographs that is not exactly new but remains a fan favorite is the bride getting ready photos. Wedding day photos are all about storytelling – from the moment the bride starts getting ready to when the newlyweds make their final exit – each photograph is an essential part of the grand story. Hair and makeup detail photos, bridesmaids giving the final touches to the bride’s dress, the bride putting on her shoes, there are so many key moments that can’t be missed on the morning of the wedding day. But if you ever find yourself running short on time, in this blog, we bring you the top 10 getting ready photos that you must make time for.

Bride Getting Ready Photos Every Wedding Photographer Must Take

1. The Bridal Dress

Black and white image of a bride getting ready and putting on her wedding dress
Image Credit @cyndi_araujo

Not just the groom, everyone at the wedding is always eager to see what the bride is wearing. The efforts, time, and money that a bride invests in her wedding dress make it one of the highlights of the wedding. Therefore, dedicating time to photographing it on its own and when it’s on the bride is a given. To photograph the dress, use a beautiful hanger, place it on the bed or against another visually pleasing background. Also, don’t forget to make the veil and the train a part of your bride getting ready photos checklist. Even they make for gorgeous detail photos.

2. Bride & Bridesmaids in Getting Ready Pajamas or Robes

Begin with photographing the bride and her bridesmaids in their getting-ready outfits. They could be floral nightdresses or personalized color-coordinated robes. You can photograph them simply chatting with each other, sipping their celebratory drinks, or just dancing around to their favorite music. Don’t forget to get your bride to pose, showing off her robe. These images signify the beginning of the wedding day, and taking photographs of these moments is bound to resonate with the bride years down the line. She will happily look back at these images and reminisce about the beginning of the most special day in her life.

3. Bridal Shoes & Accessories

Close up shot of a bride wearing her wedding day shoes
Image Credit @brandiallysephoto

Which bride wouldn’t want every detail of her bridal look photographed? Just like the bridal dress, a bride’s shoes and her wedding jewelry are chosen with great thought and certainly deserve their spotlight too. A bride’s footwear usually remains hidden under the dress, so use your creativity to ensure that the shoes don’t go unnoticed. To add a creative spin to it, you could photograph the jewelry by arranging the pieces together against a pretty background.

4. Mom & Sisters Helping The Bride With Her Dress

After the detail photos, once the bride slips into her dress, you can start taking photographs of the bridesmaids or the bride’s mom helping her with some final touches to the dress. These moments could get a little emotional, so try to keep up with everything that’s happening. This part of the bride getting ready photos tends to look so naturally photo-worthy, so make sure you have your lighting right. You could end up getting some stunning, and perhaps even some raw and emotional photographs. If there’s a rip in the dress or the zip breaks, and the reaction turns from horror to laughter, don’t stop shooting!

5. Sentimental Details

Many brides like to add pieces of sentimental value to wedding day attire – it could be an heirloom or a little lace cut out of her mom’s wedding dress and sewn onto her own. It’s best to discuss this with the bride in advance. You can capture these beautiful details when the bride is getting ready or during her solo portraits. Not only will you add more stunning photos to the collection, but the detail shots will also add another personal element to the story you are trying to tell.

6. Candids & Fun Photos

Black and white photo of a bride holding a bouquet while posing in front of a window
Image Credit @christinandchris

You can take several candid photos or capture the fun moments between the bride and her bridal party during the whole getting ready process. The images can range from all of them jumping on the bed, throwing pillows at each other, making funny faces, or just laughing out loud. If the bridesmaids are getting ready with the bride, use this opportunity to take candids of the bride with her girl gang. In the end, it’s all about documenting the fun times!

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7. Hair & Makeup Photos

Nothing matches the bride’s natural glow on her wedding day! Your bride would probably already expect you to document the moments where she calmly sits down to have her hair and makeup done. A wedding day makeup look isn’t something she would go for every day, so find a spot where you don’t interrupt the hair and makeup professionals and get the best angles!

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8. Reading a Love Letter From the Groom

Many couples exchange love letters or send each other a beautiful message before heading to the ceremony. Try not to miss photographing the moment when the bride reads the letter written to her. It’s definitely something you should add to your shot list. It’s a romantic gesture that also makes space for some stunning photographs of the blushing bride. To document this moment means giving a bride the chance to look back and feel the love and calm that she felt at that very moment.

9. Solo Bridal Portraits

Bride holding a bouquet while posing for a solo bridal portrait
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It’s the bride’s most special day! She is the VIP, and as a wedding photographer, it’s your job to make her feel like it on her wedding day. So even if you are running slightly behind schedule, try to take out some time to focus solely on the bride. From when she’s in her robe to when she’s ready to head to the venue, take some classic and even unique bridal portraits. For indoor photos, you could pose her by a large window, door, or any other source of lighting. These could be some of her most stunning images because her dress would be perfectly creaseless, the bridal bouquet would be fresh, her hair and makeup would have been done just a few minutes ago.

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10. First Look Photos With the Parents

First look photos can capture one of the most emotional moments of the wedding day. The bride’s father or both her parents would love to see their little girl all grown up, dressed up as a bride, and ready to walk down the aisle. Fathers usually give the most beautiful and emotional reactions seeing their daughters as a bride. Whether with the groom or the parents, the first look is incredibly touching and quick too! If possible, try having a multi-camera setup or if you are taking a second shooter along, ask them to cover another angle of the same moment.

Make the Bride Feel at Ease

Infographic stating make an effort to help the bride feel at ease on the wedding day

The wedding day is incredibly emotional for a couple. And to help make things a little more manageable, you must make an effort to make her feel at ease and encourage her to just have fun. One of the best things about taking the bride getting ready photos is that they will help put her at ease. This time will also give you the chance to interact with the bride before the ceremony and help her ease into the big day ahead. While you could use this exact list for getting ready photos, you can always add other images that are unique to your bride. It’s always better to be prepared in advance, so the next wedding you photograph, try to have a ‘getting ready photos checklist’ ready beforehand.

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