At ShootDotEdit, we know that your photography business is as unique as the images you shoot. No two businesses, like no two weddings, are the same. Because of this, we offer multiple pricing plans for our wedding photo editing services so you can choose what’s best for you and your business! In order to fully explain the features, advantages, and benefits of our plans, we have gathered insights and knowledge to share with you from our clients: wedding photographers just like you. These professional photographers have partnered with us using our UNLIMITED and our Rollover plans, and they have all agreed that it has saved them both time and money, provided greater image consistency, and even offered them peace of mind!

“The thing is: no boss at any successful company does everything on their own. It was time for me to step outside of my comfort zone. Thankfully, I found ShootDotEdit, who would help me to make positive changes and work happy again.” – Sarah Lehberger


The UNLIMITED Plan is perfect for photographers who shoot 10–25 weddings a year. For a monthly rate, you can submit UNLIMITED events with up to 700 images per event and get your corrected images back in as soon as 48 hours. We believe that returning images faster make clients happier.

“We live in a fast world. Our clients no longer think they should have to choose between fast and best. Whether they realize it or not . . . they expect both. They want their images fast, without compromising on quality. They want to brag about their wedding with professional photos days after their wedding. . . . Not months.” – Corrado Amenta

Our UNLIMITED Plan is truly unlimited, allowing you to submit as many events as you can shoot, all for one monthly rate. The low monthly fee allows you to focus on your business and your budget. Knowing that all of your corrections are already handled with a standardized cost can help minimize the pain of trying to budget time and money during those busy months. Before signing up for the UNLIMITED Plan, photographer Eric Foley spent $600/month on an in-house editor. Now, with the UNLIMITED Plan, he saves 86% per year.

“We all know this business is stressful. Using ShootDotEdit has eased some of that stress by saving me time and allowing me to do things I enjoy in life. That to me is one of the greatest assets of ShootDotEdit.” – Eric Foley

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The Rollover plan is ideal for photographers who shoot 5–15 weddings per year. For a monthly fee, you can submit one wedding or two portrait shoots per month. If you don’t shoot events every month, not to worry. That’s where the Rollover comes in. Any unused events roll over to the next month. You can bank those unused events until you are ready to use them.

“The Rollover plan is perfect for us with our weddings. Currently, we are not outsourcing our engagements or portrait sessions. But we love knowing that if we needed to, we could easily upgrade to the UNLIMITED Plan.” – Gerald & Airika Pope

Though you are a photographer, you are also a business owner. Instead of struggling to keep up with all of the difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming editing and corrections, choose to focus on your business. Concentrating on the business side doesn’t make you any less of an artist, and selecting an Annual Plan doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your photo editing. We recommend partnering with ShootDotEdit to handle all of your custom color correction, followed by you adding your Signature Style once the images are returned to you.

“I really do believe in the 90/10 rule, wherein 90% of what we do is “technical” and can be easy replicated and 10% of what we do is our artistic style or flair that defines our work. By outsourcing my color correcting, I’m able to spend more time with my family, focus more on existing and future clients, and generally live a more balanced life.” – Karlo Gesner

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Not to mention, by partnering with a specialist, you can reinvest your time into other areas of your business that will make you money.

“Outsourcing editing gave us time to review our album design process, find the bottlenecks, and figure out how to smooth that process for our studio.” – Matt & Enna Grazier

Are you interested in seeing how trusting a specialist with your wedding photo editing can help your business? Click HERE to learn more!

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