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As a wedding photographer, there are various resources available to you. In particular, conferences and photography trade shows allow you to absorb knowledge from others in the industry. They also give you the chance to network with fellow photographers, vendors, and more.

*This post has been updated as of July 2018.

Photography Trade Shows

Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in editing wedding photos so you can focus your valuable time on more important tasks in your business. Those tasks are ones that help you advance your skills and grow your photography business.

With so many options for photography conferences 2018 (and 2019), and photography trade shows, to attend, it can be helpful to plan out which you will attend throughout the year. We put together a list of must-have conferences and trade shows for your business. This list is meant to help you decide which you will attend this year. Plus, you can also take a look at conferences that are happening next year to get a head start. Keep reading for the top picks for conferences and photography trade shows every wedding photographer should attend.

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In-Person Conferences

Throughout the year, there are in-person conferences which allow you to travel to new locations. These conferences give you the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with fellow photographers and vendors. They also provide classes with top speakers and educators. Some of the in-person conferences you can attend are:


WPPI is an annual conference and expo for wedding and portrait photographers. The conference and expo bring thousands of photographers together each year from all around the world. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, WPPI is full of education. It features top speakers and educators from the industry, networking opportunities, and entertainment. From classes, to parties, to a wedding photography trade shows full of vendors, there are many chances for you to learn more about the photography topics that will help you grow. Learn more about it and plan it into your schedule for next year.


Quick Tip

One way to advance your skills during WPPI is to submit your images into the print competition and even attend it to hear feedback from the judges. Once you receive consistent images back from a wedding photography color correction service, like ShootDotEdit, submit them to the competition to continue to advance your skills.

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PhotoPlus is a yearly photography and imaging show that happens in New York City and is attended by over 22,000 photographers. Throughout the conference, there are over 100 educational seminars, including topics such as lighting, shooting, workflow, business, and more. Classes feature top photographers in the industry, as well as Photo Walks, Master Classes, portfolio review, and an expo filled with hundreds of vendors you want to meet. Discover more details about the event when you access the site.

Mystic Seminars

Mystic Seminars is an annual conference where wedding photographers gather to interact and learn from one another. It is a conference that typically occurs in Portland, Oregon early in the year. The goal of the conference is to encourage speakers, attendees, and sponsors to work together, network, and leave with inspiration for their business. Throughout the conference, you can learn from your peers and others in the industry, and take the information back to your wedding photography business. Find out more about the conference and what is in store for next year’s event.

Showit United

Showit United is a conference for professional photographers, where you can learn from experts how to create and maintain your business. United is a conference that happens in November in Tempe, Arizona. Throughout the conference, there are various speakers who focus on topics that will keep you up-to-date in the industry. From social media marketing, to building a brand, to understanding your customer lifecycle, to work/family balance, there is an abundance of information at your fingertips. To receive more information, take a look at their website.

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Online Conferences

As a busy wedding photographer, it can sometimes be challenging to attend conferences in different locations. More and more, online conferences appear, which allows you to gain insights from pro photographers and industry leaders – without having to leave your office! A few online conferences that are available for photographers are:

Turn It Up Conference

Turn It Up Conference is a free online event for wedding and portrait photographers, hosted by The International Academy of Wedding Photographers. Throughout the conference, top industry leaders share tips to help you move your business forward and achieve your goals. Speakers discuss important topics for your photography and business, including tips for natural light, posing, marketing, business, and more. Sign up to access the last conference until the next arrives.

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Wedding Photo Workshops

In addition to conferences and wedding photography trade shows, you can attend a wedding photography workshop. Many pros offer workshops, which vary in topic based on the photographer’s specialty. Some pro photographers who hold wedding photo workshops include:

Jared Platt

As a photographer and educator, Jared plenty to share with the professional photography community. Find out how you can continue to learn from Jared with his upcoming educational workshops and classes. Take a look at where he will teach next and how you can gain access to his photography education and training, plus much more here.

Roberto Valenzuela

One of the industry leaders in all things posing and lighting, Roberto offers workshops to help fellow wedding photographers advance their skills. Stay up to date with Roberto, where his next educational wedding photo workshop will be, how you can take part in it, and much more when you access his site.

To decide which conferences should be on your list this year and next, think about what you need to work on in your photography business right now. Where do you need the most help, and what conference can provide you with the tools necessary? When you find that out, you can then use that to choose the conferences that are best for you. Find out which tasks are most important for your wedding photography business with our free Guide: 5 Keys to Absolutely Succeeding in Your Photography Business! Click the banner below to download the guide.

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