When you decided to become a wedding photographer, the decision came with a lot of responsibility, as well as a bit of pressure. As your brand continues to develop, it is important to have a dedicated workspace for your business. This is somewhere you can be yourself and feel inspired to successfully run your photography business. Your office should be a stress-free work environment which helps you be the best business owner possible. The more comfortable you are in your space, the better work you will produce. To help you get started on your office design, we put together a list of 11 industry pros who have successfully created an office design to help them stay consistently inspired in their business.

1. Stephanie Messick

When creating a design for your office, it can be necessary to separate your business from your personal life. Developing a space for your business that is it its own can help you focus on achieving your goals. If your office is in your home, perhaps you can make it a room in which no one else can enter besides you and any clients you meet. In addition to creating an office focused on your work, it should be a place you love to be, as well as a place your clients are excited to visit. This can assist you in motivating yourself to accomplish the necessary task your business needs to grow.

Destination Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Stephanie Messick, has an office design that is dedicated entirely to her business, rather than splitting her personal and workspaces. When you create an office similar to this, you can create a space that drives you to do some of your best work.

2. Melissa Jill

As a wedding photographer, you spend most of your time meeting clients and networking with vendors. The other part of your time is spent working on your business plan and individual tasks to help you move closer to your long-term goals. When designing your office, it is important for you to create a space which gives you room to work diligently on your important tasks. It is also necessary to develop an area where clients and vendors can visit you. When you hold meetings in your office, you want to ensure you are representing your tastes as a photographer for clients and vendors to view. This could mean creating separate sections in your office for work and for meetings so visitors do not have to worry about interfering with your work space.

ShootDotEdit Office Inspiration Wedding Photographers Melissa Jill
Image by Melissa Jill Photography

Melissa Jill, of Melissa Jill Photography, created two spaces for her office design; one for client meetings and one for working on other aspects of her business. In addition, she has beautiful portraits hanging throughout her office walls showcasing some of her images from past weddings. Adding images to inspire you in your office can help you continue creating stunning photos for your clients and can give clients who visit an idea of what their wedding images will look like.

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3. Nick and Brittany

Since spending hours in your office is not always conducive to your creativity, you should create an office design which is fun and motivates you to work hard every day. Your office design should help you feel your most creative, allowing you to develop new ways to reach out and book more ideal clients. One way to make your office design fun is to fill it with photographs! After all, you are a photographer who shoots weddings and likely has a portfolio of gorgeous past images. You can also incorporate images which are not yours, but ones you admire and seek inspiration from.

Wedding Photographers, Nick and Brittany of Brita Photography, have an office design that is filled with various images, including ones they shot and even photos with inspirational quotes on them. When you create a design similar to this, you can inspire yourself to go out and take dynamic photos for your clients on their wedding day.

4. Aly Carroll

When you design your office for your business, it is important to keep in mind how much time you will be spending there. Start your design by thinking about the furniture you should include. Keep in mind where you will sit on most occasions and how you want to feel throughout the day. It would not assist your productivity if you had to constantly move around because you have uncomfortable furniture in your office. You can also include small details into your deigns which help you remember your overall vision as a photographer. These details can include pieces from past weddings or even a few small details from your own wedding or special event. Developing a space to feel your most comfortable can assist you in staying on track and placing your attention on what your business needs.

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Fine Art Photographer, Aly Carroll, created an office design that can help her feel comfortable and relaxed as she is working on her business. Incorporating furniture to suit your needs and some of your favorite details can help you showcase your tastes as a photographer, providing you with motivation to do some of your best work.

5. Gretchen Wakeman

As a busy photographer, it can be difficult to give away responsibility of designing your office. This is why it can be helpful to be involved in the design of your office. Think of this design as you would when you are planning out a wedding shoot. You have an overall idea of what your photographs should look like. When you are heavily involved in the design and build process, you can control the atmosphere of your office. The more creative you can feel in your own space, the more productive you can be.

Gretchen Wakeman, Phoenix Wedding Photographer, was instrumental in creating her office design. With a specific vision in mind, she scoured Pinterest and Craiglist to help with the process. Following a design process similar to this can help you understand exactly what you want your office to represent and how you want it to make you feel.

6. Leslie Maron

While deciding what your office design should be, make sure you remember to include what helps keep you inspired and creative as a photographer. Since many photographers create an office in their home, it is necessary to create a space that will keep you excited to work on your tasks. It can be difficult to work from home, especially because you are not interacting with other people all the time. When designing your office, decide what will help you stay motivated and focused what you can only accomplish there (rather than wishing you were elsewhere meeting clients and vendors). Whether your design includes certain colors, specific, decorations, or even your favorite chair, you must make your office a place that motivates you on a daily basis.

Wedding, Portrait, and Travel Photographer, Leslie Maron, has an office design that helps her enjoy the time she spends working from her home. She also has the ability, when the weather permits, to move her office to her outdoor porch where she also enjoys working. Creating a design to help you feel at home in your office can assist you in developing some of your best ideas.

7. Natalie Franke

As you create your office, you should create a design that helps you stay connected to your brand and your overall vision. Many times, it can be easier to hire an interior designer to help you achieve your design goals. This is similar to outsourcing your post-wedding photography needs so you do not need to spend the time sitting behind the computer. Hiring help to create your office can assist you in quickly finishing your design. While this is true, make sure you are vocal about what exactly you want your office to represent. Maintaining your personality and style in the design can help the interior designer understand exactly what your office should entail helping match who you are as a photographer and business owner.

International Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Natalie Franke, partnered with an interior designer to create her unique office design. By sharing her personal preferences, she helped incorporate pieces of her style and personality into the design. When you are represented in your office design, you will understand exactly who you are as an artist and what message you want to send to your clients.

8. Anna Wu

In your office space, it’s important to share your brand, but to also incorporate the various products you offer with your services. When clients see physical products in front of them, it is easier for them to envision their wedding day. As you create a design for your office, keep products in mind. Since your office design represents who you are as a photographer, ensure the products you showcase are also inline with your brand.

San Francisco wedding photographer, Anna Wu, has an office design that allows her to include physical products for clients to see. From prints to sample albums, Anna included these products in the design of her office to match her overall brand and message. Clients can see these products and understand exactly what she offers with her services.

9. Deborah Zoe

As you developed a business plan, you made sure it was strategic to meet your overall vision. In order for you to succeed as a wedding photographer, you have to enjoy what you are doing. The same can be said for your office design. You should create a space that is your favorite place to be. Your office should make you excited to work on your business and achieve your goals.

Deborah Zoe, Wedding and Portrait Photographer, has an office that she loves to work in. After creating a design that speaks to her as a business owner and a photographer, she enjoys herself and what she does for a living. This is powerful for you as a wedding photographer because much of your work depends on your creativity. An office you love can help you feel inspired to develop a style your clients will love.

10. Cavin Elizabeth

While you are designing your office for your business, it is important to keep your unique style in mind. When a client books you for their wedding day, it is because your style spoke to them and matched their vision. Creating a color scheme to represent your style as a photographer helps show clients your individuality. It also shows a keen eye for detail, which is a helpful quality for a wedding photographer. This is something you will want to think about as you are deciding on your final design details.

San Diego wedding photographer, Cavin Elizabeth, has an office design that represents her uniqueness as a photographer. When clients see the effort she put into creating an office to represent her style, they can sense how she will handle their images from the wedding day.

11. Erin Kranz

Although your office can be solely dedicated to work, it is helpful to include an area where you can meet your clients. When the bride and groom enter your office, they should be able to get the sense of who you are as a photographer and business owner. Treat your office design in the same way you would your website and social media platforms. This solidifies your brand message to clients, helping them make a decision about you more quickly.

Erin Kranz, wedding photographer, has an office design that is welcoming to her clients and represents her unique style. She also includes wall prints and albums with past wedding photos to share with her clients, so they can envision what their photos will look like.

Your office is an important part of the success of you as a business owner and a photographer. The more inspiration you can draw from your creative space, the more active you will be in accomplishing your goals. To learn more about creating a clear and unique brand message, download our Guide, 7 Branding Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make (and How to Fix Them)!


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