When you are working with your clients to secure post-event sales for their wedding day, how are you making the experience unique? When your clients have a memorable time with you, they are more likely to refer you to others they know. Referrals are one of the best ways for you to continue to attract ideal clients to your business and grow to the next level. After the wedding day is over and their images are color corrected by a post wedding photography company, how are you delivering products in a way that your clients will remember for years to come?

There are many options for you to spice up your deliverables to clients, such as packaging, wrapping, and branded items. Whether you do it yourself or purchase creative options for your products, doing so can help you stand out from the rest in the industry. Here are 6 tricks to create unique products for your clients after the wedding day is over.

1. Send a Branded Flash Drive

Once you have encouraged your clients and their families to purchase prints from your online gallery, how do you approach sending digital files? Sure, your clients could download the digital files from your gallery, but to customize the experience, you can send the images to them on a flash drive.

Sending the flash drive is different and allows you to customize it. You can also attach a note or a “Thank You” with your flash drive delivery. Whether you add your logo to the flash drive or you place it in a box with a bow, do something that your clients will appreciate and remember. Every step of the experience with you should be memorable and match the brand message you shared with them.

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2. Deliver Custom Boxes and Tags

Instead of delivering products, such as prints, albums, or digital files in generic boxes and packaging, customize the items to continue your client’s brand experience with you. Inside of the shipping box, include unique packaging items such as a ribbon purse with a “Thank You” message on the front in your brand’s color scheme.


This can include the flash drive, smaller images, or just a gift you wanted to share with your clients for working with you. You can also include tags on your items before they are unwrapped, and those can also have a message included on them. Whether you decide to use “Thank You” or include a small message, make sure it matches your overall brand so your clients know it is from you.

Tip: Add accessories, such as twine, tissue, and various ribbons to your products to showcase the attention to detail you have.

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3. Present Photo Folios

When your clients order prints from you after the wedding day, make the presentation of their images unique with a folio. A folio is a sheet of paper which when folded, forms four pages to look like a book. This is a great option in which to place your client’s prints, especially if they are going to visit you in studio to view their images. Plus, if you are shipping their images to them after they are printed by a lab, the folio can protect them from damage and look professional when your clients open them.

4. Design Custom Thank You Cards

After the wedding day is over and you send your clients their products, keeping in touch becomes a bit more difficult. Avoid that by creating custom thank you cards to send to your clients for important occasions, such as their anniversary or holidays. On your custom thank you cards, you can share a wedding photo from their day, as well as feature a message on the back with your logo. This is something to let them know you thought of them and will continue the positive experience with you.

5. Create Unique Album Packaging

If you are streamlining your workflow, you may have already outsourced your album design to a specialist. That specialist is going to create a product for your clients they can cherish for years to come. If you present the album to your clients in person, or send it to them, make sure you package the album in a unique way. Place the album in a box your couple has to unwrap, and when they do, they can see an album which represents your brand and shares important moments from their day.

6. Deliver Custom Packages

If you desire to send all of your products at once, and want to have a similar theme for them, create custom packages. You can order customizable boxes with your business name and logo that feature everything your clients ordered. When your clients open their package and view all their items, they will feel excited to see all the effort you put in this final product.


Image Compliments of Justin and Mary Marantz

Maintaining a branded experience with your clients is key to creating strong relationships and memories with them. When you meet and exceed your clients’ expectations, they will be more likely to refer you to others. Creating unique products to deliver to your clients ensures they have an experience which you have tailored, based on your chosen brand message. Learn more about developing a strong brand with our Guide, 7 Branding Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make (and How to Fix Them)!


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