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Want to level up your wedding photography business? Well, look no further – we’re here to help you with these incredible and absolutely free marketing ideas for wedding photographers by Erin Morrison, the talented wedding photographer and proud owner of Erin Morrison Photography. Originally from Illinois, she now calls the vibrant city of Knoxville, Tennessee, her home. She's been rocking the Knoxville wedding photography scene for eight years and still manages to juggle a full-time job. She is always on the lookout for effective and free marketing tactics to help photographers achieve long-term success. In this exciting blog post, Erin shares five amazing free marketing ideas to help you take your business to new heights.

Erin’s Five Free Marketing Ideas For Wedding Photographers

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1. Be Kind

Erin Morrison firmly believes in the power of kindness as a marketing tool in the digital age. By looking beyond business goals and offering assistance or support whenever possible and with great client communication, wedding photographers can create a ripple effect of kindness that benefits everyone and not just the ideal client. Being kind and professional are great free marketing tools that go a long way in the wedding industry.

Always make sure that you're pleasant to work with and deliver your work on time. If you go above and beyond for your clients, they'll happily spread the word about you and become great word-of-mouth promoters of your services. Effective communication with kindness has the potential to influence others and create a huge impact, so it’s not just a wedding photography marketing tactic but a life tip that everyone can benefit from.

2. Post Reviews To Google

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Google is an essential tool for promoting your wedding photography business online. But despite its potential to reach millions of potential customers, most business owners fail to use it to its full potential. Erin Morrison suggests that one way to make the most out of Google My Business is by posting reviews and photos.

As a wedding photographer, she often works with different venues and leaves five-star reviews along with photos of her work. Not only do these marketing efforts showcase her photography skills, but they also attract potential clients in search of information on Google. You can also ask your past clients to leave you a review on your Google Business page and remember to reply to those reviews so they know that you care about their feedback. By utilizing these free marketing tips, businesses can enhance their visibility and credibility.

3. Post Photos To Google Locations

Uploading your work to Google Photos is another way to market your services for free. One of many ideas for wedding photographers that Erin recommends is uploading your portfolio to popular locations for family and engagement photography to increase your visibility and attract prospective clients.

Whenever you shoot a wedding at a different venue, upload a few of your best shots to Google Photos and tag the location. This way, when potential clients search for wedding photographers in that region, they might come across your work and choose to contact you. By utilizing simple yet effective free marketing tools for small business, wedding photographers can reach their target audience without spending any money. 

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4. Blogging & Asking Vendors For Help

a close up shot of two wedding ringsImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

Erin understands the importance of blogging as a wedding photography marketing strategy, even though she admits to hating it. By creating original content that showcases her expertise and authority in the industry, she has increased her website traffic organically and established herself as a trustworthy source of information. For instance, she wrote a blog post about the difference between an intimate wedding and an elopement, which had been viewed over 1,800 times in three months.

Blogging can help with your SEO (search engine optimization) and increase the hype of your social media. Starting a blog that showcases your work can drive traffic to your website and also build a better brand impression by highlighting your photography style. 

Erin also collaborates with local wedding professionals and seeks their quotes or advice, showing respect for their talent and building relationships with them. This approach not only provides more exposure to her business but also offers valuable insights to her readers. You can also use your wedding blogs to cross-promote other wedding vendors, such as wedding planners, caterers, and florists, and ask them to feature your blog and photos on their social media channels. These are excellent free marketing strategies to grow your business and boost credibility. 

5. Contact Venues & Ask To Be On Their Preferred Vendor List

Most couples look for venues before photographers. Therefore, Erin believes being on a venue's preferred vendor list can be a game-changer for your wedding photography business. And her suggestion? Pick up the phone and call the venue to schedule a visit and an interview with the owner or event coordinator. If calling makes you uncomfortable, you can attend their open houses as a guest or vendor or ask to use their space for a styled shoot to showcase your creativity and capabilities. 

Many venues also have preferred vendor lists to recommend to potential clients. As you learn how to build trust with vendors, you can reach out to venues to be added to their list. Ensure to have a professional-looking website, portfolio, and reviews beforehand, so the venue can trust your services. By making the most of one of these excellent free marketing ideas for wedding photographers, you can get stunning portfolio photos of the venue and increase your exposure to potential clients.

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a wedding bride dancing in her wedding attire surrounded by the bridesmaidsImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

A big thank you to Erin Morrison for sharing her valuable marketing tips with us and inspiring fellow wedding photographers to enhance their business's longevity. You can check out Erin’s work on her Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or website.

These five free marketing ideas for wedding photographers can be game-changers as you look for ways on how to market your business for free. These strategies can increase a photographer's visibility, attract potential clients, and ultimately lead to more business. Additionally, incorporating email marketing, content marketing, and lead magnets can help gather email lists and convert leads into paying customers. Remember, in the age of cutthroat digital marketing, being kind and utilizing simple yet effective marketing tactics can make all the difference.

At ShootDotEdit, we thrive on bringing inspiration and marketing ideas to you from leaders in the industry! We are committed to assisting you in expanding your wedding photography business. Our professional editing services are one way we accomplish this goal. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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