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Post-wedding sales are one of the areas you could consider focusing on to grow your wedding photography business, and wedding albums are an important chunk of these sales. Not only do they help to increase your profits, but they are also important for your clients. But not every client understands the importance of their wedding albums; most clients are even reluctant to pay the additional cost. The best part is that, as their wedding photographer, by adding value to wedding albums, you can communicate their importance to your clients and, as a result, improve your sales.

How to Add Value to Wedding Albums

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Your clients won’t value something which they see is not important to you as well. As a wedding photographer, before you educate your clients about the value of their wedding albums, you need to prioritize them first. Read our tips below on adding value to wedding albums.

1. Share Your Passion For Wedding Albums

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Show your clients how valuable wedding albums are for you. Let them know about all of the products you offer and how this is something you want them to have the most. Their wedding album will carry their love story long after everything else has gone - prints taken off the wall, kids grown, and grandkids running around the house. After all, a wedding album is like a couple’s first family heirloom - the one photography product they can purchase that will stand the test of time.

Adding value to wedding albums, you need to communicate the idea that it is an indispensable part of a marriage. The physical copy of all the memories from your client's most special day of their life - something they can treasure forever at any time! Your clients will know it when they see your package information, when you sit together looking through albums in their initial meetings, and as they go through the different wedding album designs and types that you offer.

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2. Feature Wedding Albums in Packages

By pricing wedding albums according to the different album types, you can include each in separate packages. Communicate your pricing structure in a way that indicates exceptional selling points - this way, you are adding value to wedding albums. When your clients see that the wedding photo album is a unique product that holds value in your selling packages, they will want to know more about it. 

Offer your clients something that they cannot get for themselves. Add options for design elements and have pre-designed ideas but make it open to customization. Your clients can select from the available wedding album designs and types or go for a premium option.

When you include your photo album designs in your packages, ensure you have updated your website with the same information. Add a separate gallery on your webpage and showcase the different wedding photo albums you have already prepared for your client. 

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3. Educate Clients About Albums

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Characterize the value of wedding albums during your initial client meetings. You can do this in a number of ways. If you have a personal story about a wedding album, lack-there-of, or your parent’s album, and how that experience has shaped how you value albums, these stories from personal experience can be compelling. Use examples of past clients to illustrate how their wedding album has been a blessing to their marriage. And again, don’t pass up the opportunity to show your clients the beautiful wedding albums for sale; allow them to touch and experience each type while you share what you love about them.

4. Market Your Wedding Albums

For every business, marketing is a crucial part of its growth strategy. Being in the wedding photography business, you must take notes of ways to promote your brand online and offline. As a brand, when you start reaching more people, the more your sales points will increase. 

Your social media channels and website are such points where existing and prospective clients visit online and seek information about the services you offer. You can not only showcase the wedding album types you can offer but also use the platform to promote your existing work. Engage with your followers online, conduct FAQs, add testimonials from clients (where they share how much they loved your product), or showcase your most beautiful wedding album samples. 

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Only when you're convinced about the value of wedding albums and how it's essential for every married couple can you communicate the same to your clients. Sharing this passion with your clients is step one of selling more albums. Communicating the same to your clients from your very first client meeting can help increase the wedding album sales to help grow your business. Whether it is prints or albums, the physical copies will always remind the couple of their wedding day; the memories they will relive several times for years to come.

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