It’s the time of year when you are finalizing client products from this year’s busy season. Of these products, you likely have quite a few albums to complete and deliver. Even though they are time-consuming, albums help you create happy clients and increase your overall profit.

To help you speed up the process and sell more albums to clients, we’ve gathered essential tips from industry pros who are experts in all things wedding albums. Here are 7 album design and sales tips to implement into your workflow today.

1. Shoot for the Album Design

One of your responsibilities as the wedding photographer is to tell a story from the wedding day. When you shoot for the album design, not only do you capture moments to tell a story, but you speed up the process for choosing photos. Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Software shares the benefits of strategically shooting for the album design in this post, as well as how to identify the best moments to capture from every shoot.


“During a wedding, album design should be forefront on your mind in order to capture the correct image and ultimately cut your workflow in half.” – Andrew Funderburg

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2. Manage Client Expectations

One of the most time-consuming parts of the album design process is the back and forth which can sometimes happen with clients. To avoid concerns or miscommunications, manage client expectations from the beginning. In this post, Melissa Jill provides tips to help you manage client expectations for album length, as well as how many images should go on each page. This can save you time and eliminate any potential conflicts with clients during this process.

“By defining the length of the album by spreads with an approximate number of images attached to it, I’m not tied to cramming a set number of images into a design.” – Melissa Jill

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3. Present Simple Options

When clients access your pricing page, they want to have the ability to make a quick selection. If there are too many choices for your clients, the chances are higher they will be overwhelmed and may not want to purchase an album at all. Bryan Caporicci, of Sprouting Photographer, discusses how to make it easy for your clients to buy albums in this post.

“Simplify and systematize the process and you’ll make it much easier to successfully sell albums.” – Bryan Caporicci

4. Pre-Design Wedding Albums

The process to create an album can be challenging and time-consuming. There are many elements that if not done correctly, and in a streamlined workflow, can take away a lot of your time. In this post, Andrew Funderburg shares the importance of pre-designing your wedding albums to eliminate client concern and simplify the design and sales process.

“Pre-designing albums is a must from a sales point of view, but it also makes your workflow more streamlined, enabling you to save time and get from wedding to sale even faster.” – Andrew Funderburg

5. Add-on to Increase Income

For some of your clients, they already purchased albums at the beginning of the process. Once you receive your images from a wedding photography editing service, share them with clients and encourage them to add additional pages to their album. In this post, Melissa Jill explains reasons you should add on to increase your income, and how to share the overall value of an album to clients.

“I think of it as a 1st family heirloom – a timeless product that tells the story of their love, for future children and grandchildren. I am passionate about this product. I want to serve clients well and put an album in their hands.” – Melissa Jill

6. Share Sample Albums

Once you have pre-designed albums, share them with your clients. When you meet with them for the first time, make sure to have the options available to showcase. To reach larger amounts of ideal clients, leave sample albums at your favorite venues like wedding photography duo Justin and Mary Marantz discuss in this post.

“We left a 10×10 maroon album at a wedding venue about eight years ago. That one book that we left at that location eight years ago has brought us in just under $50,000 in bookings ever since.” – Justin and Mary Marantz

7. Set Proper Prices for Albums

Pricing for your products and services can be a challenging part of your role, and can ultimately determine whether clients want to purchase an album from you. If you price too high, you may not sell as much. But, if you price too low, you could be hurting your business. In this post, Bryan Caporicci discusses strategies to help you set proper prices for albums to help you choose the best pricing options for you, so you can sell more to clients.

“You must have a clear, understandable and simple presentation and explanation of your prices in order to not only maximize sales, but also to minimize overwhelm and optimize the customer experience.” – Bryan Caporicci

Albums are a great way for you to provide your clients with lasting memories from the wedding day, and to increase your overall income. Do you know if you will make a profit this year? Fill out our Pricing Calculator for Wedding Photographers to find out now!


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