As a wedding photographer, there are many opportunities for you to advance your photography skills and try new techniques for your images. From lighting and posing, to shooting in time-crunches, to finding your unique style and creativity, there are plenty of ways for you to grow. While you take the time to learn new skills, it can be helpful to look outside your genre and to other non-wedding photographers. Since you have a unique photography style, non-wedding photographers can give you a perspective outside of the wedding photography world.

Fashion photographers use techniques to create strong and powerful imagery, which can inspire you and your photography. Below, we share 4 things top fashion photographers can teach you, as well as examples of some industry pros who can provide you with inspiration.

1. Make Clients Look Their Best

One of your main jobs as a wedding photographer is to make your clients look their best. During their engagement shoot, this means you share with them what colors to wear, poses to use, and lighting and background to incorporate. The same goes for the wedding day shoot, where you have the responsibility of making your couple (and their loved ones) look their best in every shot.


In fashion photography, there are many things you can learn about how to make your clients look their best. Fashion photographers focus on the smallest details, from the makeup, to the hair style, to the outfit, and more. Every detail helps make the photographs stand out and portray the message the photographer intends.

Fashion photographer John Rankin Waddell, also known as Rankin, captures the genuine beauty of his subjects. He focuses on how to make them look their best in every image. Follow him for inspiration when working with your couples during your shoots.

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2. Set Stellar Poses

Posing can be one of the most challenging aspects of shooting wedding photography, but is also one of the most important to master. When you set stellar poses, you ensure your clients look their best, you match your unique style, and you tell a cohesive story of the wedding day.

With fashion photography, the same is true. The poses set create a story behind the image, and can be a powerful way to send a message to an audience. Many fashion photographers have images that sell clothing or other products, so the poses have to be eye-catching to be done properly.

American fashion photographer Steven Meisel sets strong poses for his images. Take a look at his work to find out how to use posing to convey a message and to make your clients look their best in every shot.

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3. Use Light Properly

In addition to posing, lighting can also be a very challenging part of the wedding day shoot. But, it is necessary for you to understand how to identify and use light to create images your clients will love. When you use lighting properly, you can control the outcome of your images and ensure they match your overall brand and unique style.

New York City fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler, understands how to identity and shape light in any location. As a Canon Explorer of Light, she has mastered the science behind light, and the best ways to use it to create imagery you desire. Follow Lindsay’s work, and learn from her through many educational opportunities to master lighting for your photography.

Tip: Don’t forget to outsource wedding photo editing to a specialist to create a consistent look before you send them to your clients.

4. Incorporate Color into Photos

To create stunning imagery for your clients, incorporating color can make a large difference in the images you create. There are always images which look great in black and white, but there are also ones which benefit from pops of color. Think about the bridesmaids’ dresses, the wedding cake, the flowers, and every other detail your couple chose for their day. These moments need to incorporate color to help tell the story of the wedding day.

Follow fashion photographers to discover unique ways to use color in your shoots. Whether you focus on backgrounds which have color to highlight the shoot, or you take advantage of the colors in your location, showcase the colors of the day to create stellar photos.

British fashion photographer Nick Knight incorporates color into the backgrounds of his photos, which makes him stand out from others in the industry. Take a look at his work to discover ways to incorporate color into your images, to contribute to the story of the wedding day.

When you study fashion photographers in the industry, you learn new ways to look at photography and how to continue to create stand-out images for your clients. Discover additional ways to shoot and deliver images your clients love with our Guide, Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing. Download it now to learn how to properly use lighting and posing in your upcoming shoots!


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