It’s the time of year to be thinking of and focusing on your business. For many wedding photographers, putting their minds toward business topics can be stressful and overwhelming. Turning to popular business magazines can be a great way to educate yourself on successful business practices, and can spark new ideas for you to try.

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We’ve put together a list of our favorite 4 business magazines for you to check out.

1. Forbes

Forbes does a great job introducing you to the people behind successful businesses. If you want to learn more about successful entrepreneurs and their ideas, habits, and tips, Forbes is a great magazine to read. The magazine has been around for 100 years this year and has been celebrated as a premier business magazine. This magazine is also published bi-weekly, so it receives a lot of fresher content than many monthly publications.


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2. Inc.

We love Inc. Magazine because they focus on small business owners… “the only major magazine edited exclusively to guide owners of small-to-midsize companies to succeed”. Inc. Magazine is chock full of easy-to-read tips and how-to guides that make it very easy to digest. The magazine also publishes on topics like efficiency and work-life balance, which is something most small business owners (and professional wedding photographers) can often struggle with. Inc. is a nice, easy read you can pick up and put down without worrying about losing your place in the topics.

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3. Entrepreneur

The name basically says it all. Specifically, though, Entrepreneur Magazine tackles the details of starting and growing a business. They feature a lot of articles on overcoming the challenges many businesses face, with plenty of inspirational success stories along the way. Something else to point out about this magazine – it is very well written and entertaining.

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4. Fast Company

Our favorite, unique aspect of Fast Company is their monthly feature article, where they dive into a specific topic in a lengthy fashion. While oftentimes these articles are less applicable to a niche as specific as wedding photography, they are still a great read. Fast Company is a bright, bold, and flashy magazine that is high on impact and interest – you’ll find it difficult to put the magazine down.

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