4 Wedding Photography Websites Done Right


As a photographer, there are many details for you to focus on in your business to help you attract ideal clients. A well-designed website is key to increasing traffic to your wedding photography business. When your website is done right, you are welcoming potential clients who will want to hire you to take images on their big day! While information on your website should be easily accessible, it is also important to include features that help you stand out from other photographers in the industry. Here are 4 examples of wedding photography websites done right.

Captivating About Page

On each page of your website, it is important to provide content that will create relationships with past and future clients. An About page is an opportunity for you to present who you are as a photographer and a business owner. When you are creating this page, remember to include details that will bring ideal clients to your business. Everything on your page should be relatable and personable, giving you a chance to attract like-minded clients.

Wedding photographers Ed and Karen Atrero know that an effective approach for an About page is to keep it friendly and relatable. The San Diego photography business owners invite followers to get to know them through their page titled, “Meet Ed and Karen.” While the couple mentions that they are excellent photographers, they also emphasize the idea of having fun. To show this, they have a section where they display their likes and dislikes in a funny, playful tone. Ed shares his love of the Super Mario Bros theme song, while Karen shares that she dislikes onions. When you share fun facts about yourself, it is a great way to start a relationship with your clients. The more connections you can make with your clients, the more likely they are to book you.

Substantial Mobile Interaction


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Did you know that 42% of the U.S. owns a smartphone, and 29% own a tablet? Using smartphones makes the Internet accessible at any time, anywhere. This can lead to fast exposure of your wedding photography business. Adapting your website to a mobile app is a perfect way to introduce your business to more clients than ever before.

Virginia photographer, Katelyn James, is an example of a business owner who has transitioned her website to mobile devices. She knows that immediate access through your phone is a convenient way to appeal to a variety of clients. By designing a mobile friendly site with a simple and clean layout that works smoothly on mobile devices, potential clients can have a positive experience with her regardless if they are using their phones or computer to view her work. Your clients can get the information they need right away rather than waiting until they are in front of a computer. The more opportunities you create for clients to visit your website, the faster you will see the traffic increase for your business.

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Strong Image Gallery

As a photographer, potential clients are excited to view your images, so welcome your clients to your website with a strong image gallery on your homepage. Detailed photos make it easy to captivate people and draw them in. Showcase your best images to make clients want to see more of you and your website. An easy way to do this is to partner with your photo editing company to create stunning images that potential clients will love.

Wedding photography power-couple, Emily and Pete Haack, display their flawless images on the homepage of their website. The Kansas-based photographers invite and entice clients to explore their website through beautiful images from previous sessions. Setting up a strong gallery or slideshow for your clients to view the second they enter your website will make it easier to showcase your passion and signature style.

Consistent Blogging Strategy

Consistent blogging is a fast way for you to create exposure for your website and your business. Blogging allows you to stay current by continuously sharing new content with viewers. As you begin to blog on a regular basis, your clients will look forward the upcoming content from your business.

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Southern California photographer, Jasmine Star, showcases her business through her compelling blog. The design she uses for her blog posts is unique and up to date with her most recent wedding and engagement galleries. Jasmine’s blog is more than just photos of wedding and engagement sessions. She captures the love and passion of the newlyweds through images, as well as embodies the wedding experience through beautiful narratives. In addition to this, she also provides insights for couples as they prep for a session, as well as education for photographers! When you create a blog that includes more than just images, you are showcasing your versatility. You are presenting yourself as the first person clients think of when they need a photographer!

There are many ways for you to create a website that will stand out from the rest of your competitors and attract your target market. As you work on updating your site, be sure to review these 4 areas to ensure that they are updated to make it simple for clients to review and make a personal connection with you! For additional ways to grow and market your business with your website, access our Marketing for Wedding Photographers Guide!


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