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With a huge market presence, multicultural weddings are something that you might want to tap into if photographing brides from diverse cultural backgrounds with different wedding traditions, customs, and rituals appeal to you. Your competitors are already showcasing all those gorgeous, colorful, and culture-rich photos from Indian, Chinese, African, and European weddings on their website and social media? If you too wish to foray into catering to this segment or looking for tips to sharpen your strategies to strengthen your reach to multicultural brides, you’ve landed at the right place! Brace yourself for all the useful marketing tips here!

Top 6 Tips To Market To Multicultural Brides

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With increased cultural exchanges becoming the norm of the day, it is more and more common to find brides from around the world converging and celebrating their special moments in a country other than their native places. This is where photographers like you come in. You can not only help these beautiful brides by providing them the unique photography they’re looking for but also maximize your profits along the way. If this is a chunk of clients you have not been serving, chances are that you’re missing out on catering to a major share of the market. So, get ready to market to multicultural brides and draw their attention toward your wedding photography services. And in this blog, we tell you exactly how to do that!

1. Create Marketing Content For Multicultural Audience

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If all the images that you upload on your website, use in your magazines, sample albums, and other marketing materials follow the white dress regime, now is the opportunity to give it a colorful twist! It’s time that you start including pictures of brides in attire other than white or showcase colors that represent a bride from a particular culture. Create multicultural spreads and embrace elements of a fusion wedding. Keep a section devoted to multicultural weddings and showcase some distinct cultural elements specific to a country or region. For example, a henna-clad bride from an Indian wedding or a mandarin duck at a Chinese wedding, or Sofreh Aghd from a Persian wedding, the options are plenty.

2. Harness The Power Of Wedding Blogs

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When you are looking to attract multicultural brides to your website, churning out content targeting them and even collaborating with other popular blogs that target the same segment could help you reach out to your desired clientele. There are so many beauty and wedding blogs that cater to an audience from a specific culture or community, such as, Munaluchi Bride, and The Big Fat Indian Wedding. You can research blogs that fit the bill for you and get your content published on these platforms. You can also post a co-authored article, advertisement, or reviews from past brides on your own website to market your services to multicultural brides. What’s more? Through your blogs, you can also help industry professionals better understand the wedding traditions and customs specific to a particular culture or religion.

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3. Participate in Ethnic Events

Infographic stating network at ethnic events to build a community that serves the brides

Yes, this is one of the most effective ways to market your photography services to multicultural brides! Attending ethnic events or wedding fairs would help you reach out to a large number of your target audience and also gain industry contacts. Whenever you plan to target a new segment, it’s important that you grow your network and make more friends in the industry, the ones who cater to your new target clients. These people could help you get more multicultural wedding clients in the future. Also, bridal exhibitions are a brilliant way to learn how certain ethnic minority community weddings are planned and performed, giving you the insight to structure your marketing strategy around them. 

4. Organize Styled Shoots

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Styled shoots can help you showcase what you’ve got to offer to your target audience, i.e. multicultural brides. You can organize a styled shoot around a specific culture or community and create images that bring out the beauty of cultural intricacies in the best way possible. Photograph jewelry, decor, ethnic fashion, and everything that adds flavor to the wedding from this particular culture. Collaborate with other wedding vendors such as designers, caterers, and decorators to bring this shoot to be pretty close to a real wedding. Once you’re done with the shoot, post the images on your website and social media. You may also share these images with the vendors you collaborated with as it will help them showcase their services to their potential clients.

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5. Make Use Of Social Media

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In this digital age, if you’re not marketing your wedding photography on social media, it can be safe to say that you could be losing out on major opportunities to grow your business. So, when it comes to reaching out to multicultural brides, it would be important for you to present your work and brand in their circles. From using the right hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to uploading videos with the right cultural vocabulary on Facebook, you can break into this new niche and give your brand the edge it needs to attract this segment.

6. Take The Help of Present Clients

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Our last tip for you on the list is to market your wedding photography services while you’re already serving present clients. Many couples come from different cultures and love to incorporate a little bit of both worlds into their weddings. So, if you’re already booked by a bride whose groom is from a different culture and you don’t have much idea about it, strike a conversation that helps you learn more. You can request the groom to tell you about his wedding traditions, customs, rituals, clothing, and food. While you’re on the job trying to prepare yourself to serve this couple better, you can, subtly, let the groom know how you’d love to photograph the weddings of his siblings, cousins, and friends from his community. Once you’ve sent this couple their stunning wedding images, chances are that they’d happily refer you to both their communities.

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Almost all of us have some idea about the wedding traditions of our own community, but there’s so much more beauty outside of it that would not be unraveled if not for photography. So, as a photographer, you not only have the opportunity to document these unique and wonderful wedding traditions from different cultures but also put them out there for everyone to witness the plurality of traditions and cultures through your photographs. And that according to us is quite an honor! We hope the tips we shared here help you market your wedding photography services to multicultural brides so that you can capture many more spectacular shots and document the stories of diverse couples to impress your audience and add an assortment of wedding photography to your portfolio.

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