201 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

In today’s world, content marketing or blogging is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to attract brides and grooms. Consistent blogging about the right topics can increase brand exposure and help your wedding photography clients connect with you and your brand. One of the best parts about blogging? You can use it to share gorgeous photographs and even some exclusive behind-the-scenes images and videos. Plus, by sharing your expertise in wedding photography, you offer couples a perfect platform to get wedding-related information, which can help them plan their weddings. But if writing isn’t your forte, then this blog offers you some fresh, fun, and creative blog post ideas for wedding photographers that can help you get started.

Important Steps to Follow When Blogging

Infographic stating there are several important steps to follow when blogging

Blogging isn’t just about randomly writing about anything that comes to your mind. You must do your research and consider your target audience when deciding on blog post ideas. Additionally, doing some keyword research and finding out currently trending topics will also help you gain traffic and attract more readers. Below are some tips that will help you as you start blogging.

  1. Carefully select and organize your blog post ideas.
  2. Think of your target audience. It could be couples, brides, or even other wedding photographers.
  3. Stick with a blog structure. For example, an introduction, a body, and then a conclusion for every blog you write.
  4. Aim to rank high on search engines like Google. You can do that by learning and applying simple SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.
  5. Add relevant, high-ranking internal and external links to your blog. It helps readers get more related information and also helps you rank high on search engines.
  6. Take professional help from blogging services for wedding photographers such as – Fotoskribe.

201 Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas

1. Blogs on Wedding Attire Tips & Trends

  1. Wedding gowns and bridal dresses trends
  2. Bridesmaids dress trends
  3. Wedding accessory trends
  4. Groom attire trends
  5. Traditional bride and groom attire from different cultures
  6. What you can wear as a guest (seasonal ideas)
  7. Engagement ring styles
  8. Wedding band styles
  9. Wedding day style tips
  10. Wedding masks trends

2. Wedding Activity Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

  1. Tips for planning your BFFs bachelorette party
  2. Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon
  3. How to put together the perfect welcome kit for your wedding party
  4. Tips for planning your rehearsal dinner
  5. What to wear to your rehearsal dinner
  6. What to wear to your bridal shower
  7. How to write perfect thank you cards
  8. A list of best places to buy engagement rings

3. Relationship Advice Blogs

Infographic stating you might not be Dear Abby but try giving some fun advice on love and relationships
  1. Series on date night ideas
  2. Tips for writing your vows
  3. Ideas for the perfect wedding gift for your groom/bride
  4. Great getaways or amazing escapes to keep the spark alive
  5. A guide to Insta-worthy vacation photos

4. Blogs on Wedding Photography Advice For Couples

  1. How to choose a professional wedding photographer
  2. How to choose a wedding videographer
  3. Tips to make family photos fast and easy for everyone
  4. Why you need engagement photos
  5. Tips for booking a venue
  6. Tips for booking a florist
  7. Tips for booking a band or DJ
  8. Tips for hiring a baker or catering service
  9. Engagement photo dress ideas
  10. How to incorporate engagement photos into your wedding day
  11. Why you need a wedding album
  12. Advice on choosing the perfect photos for the wedding album
  13. Blog post on choosing props for wedding photos
  14. Alternatives to displaying photos
  15. Why you need to print your photos
  16. Why you need to get your wedding photos printed professionally
  17. Why your photographer doesn’t give you all RAW images
  18. Advice from former clients on wedding planning
  19. Your own advice on wedding planning
  20. Important questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them
  21. Things you shouldn’t ask your wedding photographer
  22. Tips for themed photos
  23. Tips for gorgeous outdoor photos
  24. Things your couple might regret not doing on their wedding day (fun ideas)
  25. How to securely store your wedding images
  26. How to get photos you love
  27. How to get amazing getting ready pics
  28. Why do an anniversary session
  29. How to hire a photographer for when you pop the question
  30. Planning for family formals

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A couple kissing each other while standing on the beach with their feet immersed in seawater during sunset
Image Credit @hummelphoto
  1. How to prepare for a summer wedding in Florida
  2. How many hours of wedding photography do you need
  3. Do you need two photographers on the wedding day?
  4. The perfect wedding day timeline
  5. Why book a photo booth
  6. Planning for perfect detail shots
  7. Planning for sunset portraits
  8. Write about the best time to book a wedding photographer (months before the final date)
  9. How to have a relaxed wedding day
  10. Debunk wedding photography myths
  11. Wedding playlist ideas
  12. Ceremony reading suggestions
  13. How to have a budget wedding
  14. Must-have photos
  15. Reasons to do a bridal session
  16. How to keep the dance floor occupied all night
  17. How to surprise your wedding guests and make the reception an event to remember
  18. How to use fabrics and draping to decorate your reception venue
  19. Reception photo booth ideas
  20. Things to keep in mind when planning the wedding day timeline

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  1. How to ensure your photographer and videographer work in coordination on your big day
  2. Wedding photography pricing explained
  3. How to share wedding photos with guests
  4. How to always look fantastic in photos
  5. How to get stress-free photos with kids
  6. Skincare routine before wedding photography
  7. How to prepare for wedding photos with your pet
  8. How to organize your photos
View of a couple through the window eating ice cream
Image Credit @looyengaphoto
  1. Should you make a champagne toast
  2. Unique mixers you can have at the bar
  3. Glass versus plastic tableware
  4. Wedding makeup mistakes to avoid
  5. How to safely remove your makeup
  6. How to pick a makeup look that complements your wedding theme and color palette
  7. Not so common spots where you can add florals
  8. Flower crown inspiration
  9. What is a groom’s cake?
  10. Can you save and freeze the top layer of the cake?
  11. How to write the perfect wedding toast
  12. Songs you can ask your band or DJ to play when walking down the aisle
  13. How to plan a COVID wedding
  14. How to plan a virtual wedding
  15. COVID precautions and arrangements for guests
  16. How to budget your wedding in COVID times
  17. How to create a preferred shot list (for couples)
  18. Create a checklist of fun things to do before, during, and after the wedding

5. Blog Posts on Other Wedding Vendors

  1. Top local wedding venues
  2. Top local wedding suppliers
  3. Top local wedding planners
  4. Series on venue photo tours and venue manager interviews (describing the venue and talking about amenities available)
  5. Jewelry store feature – picking the perfect ring
  6. Bridal salon feature or interview – best makeup practices
  7. Florist feature or interview – best flowers by season
  8. Caterer feature or interview – how to choose your reception meal
  9. DJ/band feature or interview – perfect music for your reception
  10. Planner feature or interview – tips for planning your perfect day

6. Best of… Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Infographic stating a great way to turn old content into new content is to do "best of" blog posts
  1. Your favorite images from past weddings
  2. Best of black and white wedding photographs
  3. Your favorite portrait locations
  4. Series on color/style mood boards
  5. Best locations in your area for engagement photos
  6. Awesome elopement spots
  7. Destination wedding locations
  8. One-of-a-kind wedding dresses
  9. Year-end summary
  10. Best of mouth-watering catering
  11. Best of clever cakes
  12. Beautiful bridesmaids
  13. Cute proposal stories
  14. Fashionable moms at weddings
  15. Daring dance moves
  16. Go-to poses
  17. Dashing grooms
  18. Best of summer weddings
  19. Best of winter weddings
  20. Best of fall weddings
  21. Best of rainy day weddings
  22. Best of spring weddings
  23. Best of getting ready rooms
  24. Hair and makeup magic
  25. Incredible invitations
  26. Best of honeymoon images
  27. Best ‘I do’ moments
  28. Wedding day pet photos
  29. First kisses
  30. First dances
  31. Dreamy detail photos

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Close up of a bride's heena tattooed hands with the engagement ring
Image Credit @jorgesantiagophoto
  1. First look moments with the bridesmaids
  2. First look moments with the parents
  3. First look moments with the groom
  4. Top party pics
  5. Best wedding music and lyrics
  6. Best of wedding guests
  7. Amazing fun favors
  8. Best of family photos
  9. Cute kiddos
  10. Some of your favorite wedding images of former clients
  11. Hilarious candid images
  12. Images of sweet emotions
  13. Best wedding bloggers
  14. Unique anniversary photo session ideas
  15. Best songs that never fail to fill the dance floor
  16. Blog on best proposal ideas

7. Blog Posts About Your Wedding Photography

  1. Product reviews
  2. Workspace necessities
  3. Behind-the-scenes
  4. Your creative process
  5. Photo editing walk-through
  6. Photo education
  7. Top photographers
  8. Your hobbies and interests
  9. Setbacks and lessons
  10. Your photography bucket list
  11. Your favorite part of a wedding
  12. Gear you use to film and photograph a wedding
  13. Your favorite part of the wedding photography
  14. Frequently asked questions
  15. Highlight your approach/style
  16. Report and comment on industry statistics
  17. Why you love what you do
  18. The ultimate guide to… (wedding photography-specific information)
  19. A crowdsourced ultimate guide blog post
  20. Share a before and after image editing post
  21. Blog post on how you got a particular photograph
  22. A series on the future of wedding photography (prediction posts)
  23. Blog your opinion on old trends you like and want to see them make a comeback
  24. Key elements of a beautiful photo
  25. Mini sessions vs. custom photography
  26. Tips for taking photos indoors
  27. How to use online galleries
  28. Posing and lighting post
  29. Change in weddings post-COVID

More Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas

Infographics stating but wait there is many blog post ideas for wedding photographers!
  1. About you & your family
  2. A blog to host a challenge or contest
  3. Answer questions that others aren’t answering
  4. A blog post about another wedding pro or brand you like
  5. Inspirational posts
  6. Feature guest posts
  7. A blog post about that one question you wish more clients would ask
  8. Share something exciting about the wedding industry
  9. Write about the questions you ask your customers and why you ask them that
  10. Blog about common client struggles and your solution to those problems
  11. A guide to professional photo rules and restrictions
  12. COVID etiquettes to follow at weddings
  13. The different types of chairs your couples can rent
  14. The top requested “do not play” songs
  15. Best engagement spots that also accommodate your furry friends
  16. Photography-related social media posts of the week

We hope this mix of blog ideas will help you up your content marketing game. While your aim should be to cater to a specific target audience, experimenting with different kinds of blogs can help you understand what works best for you – especially in the beginning. Slowly, you will realize what blogs gain more traction, and then you can focus on creating similar blogs in the future. Now that you have a whole list of some amazing blog post ideas for wedding photographers, the ball is in your court. So take out some time, and start blogging!

At ShootDotEdit, we love sharing tips that will help you grow your wedding photography business. Another way we love to help is by offering you photo editing services that match your style. To learn more about it, take a look at our pricing plans.


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