Fotoskribe - Blogging and Social Media  - Tier 2

Fotoskribe - Blogging and Social Media - Tier 2

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Tier 2 Service Package
$340/month for 6 months

The Tier 2 service package delivers personalized content weekly, via your blog and your choice of THREE different social channels - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. 

This package is designed to bring awareness to your brand and website via relevant content, created for your target market, and delivered on the most popular social media channels. 

In addition to a personalized weekly blog post, you'll select from three of the social channels below for your weekly social posts:

  • Post to your company's Facebook account
  • Post to your company's Instagram feed
  • Post to your company's Pinterest account
  • Post to  your company's LinkedIn account

Blog posts will be published to your site within 3-4 Business days of submission, and the associated Social Media posts will be published within 1 business day of the blog post.

This is a monthly membership that includes a 30 day trial period, followed by a minimum of 6 month commitment after the trial.