The annual WPPI event is one where you can connect with fellow photographers and vendors, gain valuable education, all which you can take back to your business. Since there are so many options for you during the event, it’s important to focus on exactly what will help you grow your business. We have the perfect resource to get you ready for the conference, and make sure you maximize your experience this year!

WPPI 2017 Show Guide

In our free Guide, we provide you with everything you need to find success at this year’s event, including:
Exclusive details to help you thrive in the new location from WPPI Director, Jason Groupp
– 26 recommended speakers and vendors who can help you grow your business
An inspirational Keynote to help build your confidence from Industry Leader, Me Ra Koh, “The Photo Mom”
– 4 days worth of parties perfect for you to increase your networking circle

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