With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, this social platform is a great way to share your photography business with current and potential clients, as well as friends and family. Facebook provides photographers with the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business.

Wedding photographer JP Elario uses Facebook to effectively optimize his business. With over 7,700 likes, JP excels at sharing his content with his followers on Facebook. Through stunning images, consistent blog posting, and engaging posts, JP’s Facebook Page invites you to stay awhile. Here are some of the ways that JP uses Facebook to create connections with his clients that you can use in your business!


Re-engage Past Clients

When you book your ideal clients, make it a goal to stay top of mind with them well after the wedding day is over. Not only will this lock you in as their go-to photographer, but they will also refer you to their friends and family who may also be your target market! As the wedding day passes, ensure that you are continuously using Facebook to re-engage past clients.

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One way JP does this is by wishing his couples a Happy Anniversary one year after their wedding and sharing their featured blog post again. He tags both the bride and groom to ensure that it shows up on several news feeds, and it gives more people the opportunity to share it. Couples will reminisce on the highlights of their wedding as they look through the photos again, and this is a simple way to delight past clients and keep you top of mind.

Create a contest

Engage your clients and followers with giveaways and contests through your Facebook business page. Have polls for clients to vote for their favorite images. These activities will keep your clients coming back to your page, which will increase your “likes” and traffic in the process.

To stay top of mind with his Facebook followers, JP uses contests, such as having people vote on their favorite engagement and wedding shoot from the previous year. For the couples that are featured in the contest, they will have incentive to share it, because they will want to win! Not only will your followers participate in your contest, they will look forward to the results.

Tip: To increase engagement on contests, encourage sharing by giving people an extra entry or vote each time they share it through a social platform!

Link back to your website

Before clients book you, they are going to want to view your website, and Facebook is a great channel to use to direct people to it. Every post on JP’s Facebook page shares a link back to his website or blog. This is a simple way to increase traffic to your site. Remember, Facebook is an extension of your website and is not meant to hold all of the information about your business – make it simple for people to find a direct link to your site whenever possible!

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In addition to linking out to your website, include posts that link out to your other social media channels. JP is an avid Instagram user, and he uses Facebook as a way to invite people to follow him on Instagram to stay even more up-to-date with his activities.

Add a Personal Touch

Your business is an extension of who you are, so be sure to let your personality show in your Facebook page! JP features behind the scenes images that invite his followers to see what he is doing during events and other exciting moments in his life. This helps personalize his brand, as well as allows him to show all of the vendors and assistants that participated in different shoots! In addition to sharing about his session on his business Facebook Page, he also shares photography related posts on his personal Facebook Page, further increasing engagement and personalizing aspects of his business.

In addition to what is working on JP’s Facebook Page, here are a few more quick tips to implement:

  • When posting content on your Facebook business page, be sure to post when the most people are online. You want your content to attract the most exposure possible. Pick a time of day when most people are online so that you can reach out to as many clients as you can.
  • Share old content on your Facebook page. If you feel that previous content didn’t get enough exposure, reposting can attract more traffic to your blog as well as Facebook page.
  • After you finish your wedding photo editing, know the proper thumbnail sizes when posting. Jon Loomer has a Facebook image size guide that can help you stay within the correct sizes.

Understanding how to leverage social media can grow your business to an entirely new level.

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