In the social media-driven world, blogging is an important part of your business. Through your blog, you have the opportunity to share weddings as well as personal stories with potential clients. One of the beauties of blogging is there are several ways to share stories of wedding days and even personal experiences. Even though you are a photographer, that does not mean that your blog can only consist of images. A goal of your blog is to captivate and intrigue potential clients, and that can be done in several ways. Here are three photographers who each have a different blogging style that are doing it right and creating compelling blogs.

1. Chrisman Studios – Narratives

While potential clients enjoy seeing your images, you can also awe them with your words through the power of narration. With a narrative style blog, being able to describe the emotions and events that happened during a wedding are just as important as providing beautiful images. By selecting a few images that complement your story, you can show readers that you pay attention to little details and really work to document a cohesive story. In Chrisman Studios’ blog, they share narratives that express the unique moments they experienced from the day they met a couple all the way leading up to the wedding day. By finding ways to connect with the bride and groom on a personal level, the photographers are able to share the couple’s love story that unfolds in their blog post.

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They keep these posts simple and consistent by having a short slideshow of their favorite images, followed by the narrative. Their story of the bride and grooms fills the majority of the post, and they draw people in by their eloquent way of writing. Their words work to evoke emotions out of readers, with only a few strong images there as a complement to the text. To add to the narrative, Chrisman Studios often uses quotes from the bride and groom to make each blog post unique and personal to the couple.

2. Melissa Jill – Personal Series

In addition to sharing images from weddings and events, sharing personal details through your blog can help potential clients relate to you. By creating a blog series about something that interests you, your followers can learn more about you. They may also find that they share something in common with you, which may lead to a booking! If you love to bake, start a blogging series on different treats you make throughout the month. These posts can be simple – they are just meant to provide a little insight to who you are outside of being a wedding photographer.

Phoenix Wedding Photographer Melissa Jill created a personal series and shared her favorite memorable moments that occurred each week. She titled the series, Frivolous Friday, and these simple posts capture her upbeat personality through images and thoughts of her past weekly events. In this, she also takes time to share the people and Partners that she loves collaborating with, such as ShootDotEdit for her post production photography. With her images, she shares her favorite outfit that she wore that week, friends she spent time with, and best moments.

Her writing is a combination of whimsical and sentimental, which allows for several people to read her posts and relate to them. For example, she confesses, “Spilled water all over myself. Out of a water bottle. While sitting stationary on the couch. It takes some serious klutz talent to do that.” When she shares these small confessions and allows followers to access parts of her personal life, she is creating a bond that will help clients trust her and book her more easily.

3. Emin Kuliyev – Storytelling through Images

As a photographer, it may seem the most natural to create a blog that just consists of images. Even though it may be tempting to post all of your images online for people to see, it is important to select the best images that tell the story of the wedding day. Potential clients are going to be examining your images closely, so you want to ensure that each image is a true reflection of you and your brand.

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New York City Photographer, Emin Kuliyev, has mastered the art of visual storytelling. By using between 50-100 images in each blog post, Emin takes visitors on a visual journey that allows them to feel as if they were guests of the wedding. Each photo adds to the emotion of the story, from the mother-of-the-bride tearing up during the ceremony, to the guests break dancing during the reception.

In addition to including the main wedding events, Emin looks for details that make each wedding unique. For example, in Michael and Marissa’s wedding, Emin took special note of a dog that was present, and he took photos from the dog’s perspective throughout the morning. This added a unique element to this couple’s wedding that they will remember and cherish. When all of the images are seen in sequence, they work together to tell a full story of the wedding day.

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