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As a wedding photographer, what type of pro photography equipment do you currently use to speed up your shoots and help you capture shots to compliment your brand? The gear you own should allow you to quickly shoot images that matter, and give you the flexibility to shoot through any scenario.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in image editing services for photographers. We also realize how important it is to know your equipment, and what it does to help you achieve the photos your clients will love. Your photography gear matters, from the camera body you use to the lenses you have for your camera, to the additional accessories, and backup items. Although you are the vision behind your brand, your gear helps you achieve techniques you learn and practice.

Pro Photography Equipment

Regardless of where you are in your photography business, knowing what gear is available is helpful when you are ready to purchase new equipment. Because there are so many options available, and it is a big decision, looking to other photographers in the industry can be a simple way to stay up to date with the latest gear in the industry. To discover what photography duo, Amy and Jordan Demos, use to capture memorable images from the wedding day, read below. From cameras and accessories to flashes, to additional lighting tools, they share their must-have wedding photography gear (and even the type of camera bag they use!).


“What’s in your bag?” It is one of the most common questions we get from photographers. When we first started shooting, we looked to other photographers and industry leaders for guidance on what to purchase. So, to help you, we’ve created a list of all the most important gear we own!

We purchase most of our gear through B&H Photo Video because their prices are competitive, their delivery times are dependable, their return policies are flexible, and their customer service is responsive.

Cameras and Accessories

When you choose a camera body, you get to know the ins and out of it and learn how to use it to its maximum potential. The camera body and accessories you decide on should be ones which you feel comfortable and matches the level you are at as a photographer. Our go-to camera bodies and strap are:

amy demos camera

Image by Amy and Jordan Demos

Computers and Hard Drives

Many parts of your workflow include a computer, so you should make sure you have an up to date model which allows you to work quickly. An adequate hard drive is also crucial for your business, as it will help you store images and other important documents.

  • Amy’s computer: Apple 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Display
  • Jordan’s computer: Apple 13″ MacBook Air

At-Home Hard Drive:

  • LaCie 5TB USB 3.0 Porsche Design

Traveling Hard Drive and Card Reader:

Flashes and On-Flash Modifiers

Because a majority of your shoots will have conflicting light, you may want to include flash gear you can easily grab when necessary. These are additions that can help you create stunning light and dynamic photos for your clients. We use the following flashes and modifiers:


Your camera body matters, but your lenses and other accessories do too. You may have a favorite lens, or one you shoot with more often, but knowing exactly which lens you need to use to capture images your clients will love is crucial. We pack our gear bag with these lenses:

jordan demos camera

Image by Amy and Jordan Demos

Lens Accessories

Along with the lenses you choose, it’s important to protect that glass. We cover our lenses with protective filters to keep the actual lens glass free of scratches and weather elements. Here are the ones we use:

Lighting Essentials (Natural Light)

We have an abundance of natural light to shoot with, being in Arizona. When shooting without the help of flashes or lights, we will sometimes use filters or reflectors to achieve our desired look. We recommend the following:

Lighting Essentials (Artificial Light)

There are often scenarios when the natural light isn’t enough, isn’t available at all, or isn’t part of our vision for the shot we’re capturing. The following pieces of gear allow us to create the perfect light and deliver photos that match our style and brand:

Memory Cards

As important as it is to have hard drives for backing up your images, memory cards are crucial for you to have with you during your shoots. It is always a good idea to bring backup cards with you to every shoot, and here’s what we use:

Gear Bags

Since it would be distracting (and heavy!) to hold all of your gear during the shoot, gear bags are perfect to place all of your necessary gear in as you move to each location. The gear bag you have should protect your gear and allow you to be comfortable throughout the long day. Here is what we use:

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It can be really helpful to hear what other pros in the industry use to capture memories and create a unique photography style (especially when it is time to think about a piece of wedding photography equipment you will purchase). With the gear you have, how often are you practicing your photography skills? Discover pro photographer lighting and posing techniques to use at every wedding with our free guide! Click the banner below to download your free copy today.

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