Having a few “go-to” wedding photography poses is important for any wedding or portrait photographer. While it’s never a great idea to try to mold each and every couple into the same series of poses, it is extremely helpful to have a solid foundation in basic posing rules and techniques. The “V Up” is a name that we came up with for the most basic pose. This is the very first pose every wedding photographer should learn, perfect, and teach their subjects because it will be used so often throughout the wedding day. It’ll be the pose they get into for the family formals, for their classic full body portrait, and many more times throughout the day. Learn the fundamentals of this pose and how to use it by watching the video below.

We love the classic “V Up” pose because it can be used for several moments during the wedding day. Also, by slightly modifying this pose, such as having the bride wrap her hands around his arm and place her head on his shoulder, you create another pose that evokes different emotions from the couple. Try using this basic pose during your next shoot!

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The following is an excerpt from the SLR Lounge Engagement Photography Workshop. Please enjoy this tutorial release on the SLR Lounge Youtube Page.


For additional tips to creating stunning images, download our Posing for Wedding Photographers Guide!



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