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When you are on an outdoor photography session with your couples, incorporating all the mesmerizing landscapes into your images can immensely enhance the look and feel of your photos and make the most of the lovely surroundings you are shooting amid. And that means your clients will also probably get an amazing photography experience. However, photographing in the outdoors isn’t an easy task - from the lighting to the weather, there are a lot of elements you need to be mindful of. Besides, you also need to be aware of where to exactly position your couples to get those stellar outdoor shots that stand out. So, if you’ve been looking for some motivation to get you through such situations and inspiration to create awe-inspiring landscape images at your next outdoor shoot, in this blog, we’ve shared gorgeous landscapes photographed by 8 of ShootDotEdit customers. Check them out!

Landscape-Inspired Wedding Photos By ShootDotEdit Customers

1. Olson Design Photography

A bride posing on top of a cliff holding the bridal bouquetImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

Take a look at how gorgeous this image shot in the mountainous landscape is. This photo of a bride atop a cliff gazing at the wide expanse before her beautifully symbolizes her welcoming the new life and looking forward to an exciting future with her life partner. Great image by ShootDotEdit Customer Olson Design Photography!

2. Brandi Allyse Photo

A bride and groom posing in front of a treeImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

This is such a wonderful shot by Brandi Allyse Photo, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community. By placing the couple under the drooping branches of the overarching tree, the photographer has deftly incorporated the most striking feature from the surrounding into the photograph, creating an element of interest for the viewer. Remember that placing your models under a tree is also a great way of creating some shade when you are shooting outdoors and the sun is overhead!

3. Diane Nicole Photography

A silhouette of a bride and groom kissing during sunsetImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

The way ShootDotEdit Customer Diane Nicole Photography positioned the couple for a stunning silhouette image against the sky painted in a riot of colors is outstanding! Just a perfect landscape image to take inspiration from for your next outdoor shoot when you want to experiment with natural creative lighting.

4. Looyenga Photography

A bride and groom walking hand in hand alongside a lakeImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

The landscape surrounding the bride and groom in this image by Looyenga Photography, a ShootDotEdit Customer, is understated and sublime! Such a refreshing image enhanced by the reflections of the couple on the still water. The play of icy blue and warm golden hues over the crystal-clear lake elevates the image by several notches.

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5. J. Perryman Photography

A silhouette of a couple posing near a beachside during sunsetImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jperrymanphotography

ShootDotEdit Customer J. Perryman Photography surely knows how to make the most of the dramatic sky and add a hint of romance to breathtaking landscapes. The couple seems to be engrossed in their own world as the sun rays peep from behind the clouds and drench them in golden hues. Another classic silhouette image that couples might want to add to their engagement or wedding album!

6. Jodi B Photography

A bride and groom posing under a tree during sunsetImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jodibphotography

Just take a look at this stunning sunset shot of the couple, with a majestic tree beside them providing a lovely natural border. Phenomenal and iconic! ShootDotEdit Customer Jodi B Photography sets a perfect example of how great landscape images can be created with just a tree in the background even if you don’t have anything too fancy to catch the attention of the viewers.

7. Danny Dong Photography

A bride and groom posing on top of a cliff as the sun sets behind the mountain peakImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

The way Danny Dong Photography, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community, lit the bride’s wedding veil in this image is incredible! This lovely picture of the bride and groom locked in a loving embrace, with the gorgeous sun in the background, is beyond impressive. It is dreamy and picturesque at the same time. A great landscape image to draw inspiration and ideas from!

8. Infinite Loop Photography

A grayscale image of a couple posing on a rocky seashoreImage Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

A rocky beach, a sea of clouds, waves crashing against the boulders, and a couple embraced in a gentle hug. That’s what ShootDotEdit Customer Infinite Loop Photography leaves us with in this gorgeous black and white landscape image. Definitely makes for a remarkable backdrop for this ethereal photo.

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Phew! What beautiful landscapes these talented photographers captured on their cameras and turned them into stunning pieces of art! We are more than impressed! We hope the images left you equally inspired to go out and create your own masterpieces during your next outdoor photography session. Wondering what are some of the elements you must focus on during your landscape shoots to ensure you capture the best images possible? Knowing the right lighting techniques and how to pose your couples are two of the most crucial aspects that could make the process a lot easier for you. To learn more awesome tips on photography, check out our blogs.

At ShootDotEdit, we love sharing ideas and inspiration that can help you hone your skills as a wedding photographer. Another thing we love to do is to provide professional photo editing services to you so that your post-production workload is reduced and you can focus on polishing your craft and building your brand. To learn more, you can take a look at our pricing plans.

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