Take a moment and think back to when you first decided you wanted to become a photographer. What was the first thing that made you decide to do this for a living? One of the biggest reasons may be the passion you have for capturing stunning photos of your couple’s special day. Even if you also love the business owner portion of your job, running a photography business is not always the easiest task. So you can continue to grow and improve your business, even when you feel discouraged, we reached out to a few industry pros to find out what inspires them to create the best photography business possible.

Discover Your Value

With the multiple tasks constantly on your plate, how do you maintain your happiness and take care of the tasks which will contribute to your overall goals? Rachel Rossetti, Pittsburgh wedding and portrait photographer, finds inspiration through understanding what is valuable in her life.

“Real inspiration to grow my photography business did not happen until I realized that my time is valuable. My personal relationships are valuable. My health is valuable. I am valuable. Real inspiration was discovering what I loved about photography, and separating that from the menial tasks that stood in the way of me getting better at those parts.” – Rachel Rossetti

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Share Your Expertise

Since there are hundreds to thousands of other photographers who may be just starting out or at your level, share the expertise you have. Not only will you help other photographers improve, you may learn something from them. San Diego wedding photographer, Sara France, finds inspiration through building her business and helping other photographers grow.

“I enjoyed being a photographer on my own, but it was not until I started France Photographers that I truly understood what joy I could have in building my business. I love seeing my team book great weddings and produce incredible images. I also love learning as a team. Sharing new things we learn and helping each other prefect those techniques as well.” – Sara France

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Improve Your Process

When you desire success in your photography business, find processes which can help you reach the next level. The photography industry is always evolving, so making adjustments to your business can be essential. Taylor Jackson, Ontario, Canada photographer, finds inspiration through growing and improving his business with new techniques and processes.

“Your business can always be easier and more efficient. I really enjoy trying new things so that I can pass along tested business advice to the photographers that are part of our mentoring group. There is no exact correct way to run your photography business, and I find it a lot of fun to figure out what small changes you can make to positively influence both your happiness and profitability.” – Taylor Jackson

Learn from Your Clients

As a photographer, you spend much of your time working with the clients who booked you to take their pictures. Building a relationship with your clients allows you to get to know them better, meaning you can learn and grow from their experiences. Boudoir and wedding photographer, Teri Fiske, finds inspiration from her clients she is shooting.

“A boudoir session is one of the most intimate and revealing photo sessions a woman can do, so my clients walk through my door feeling nervous and unsure. But every single client leaves feeling empowered, walking a bit taller. Every client finds her fierce! That is what feeds my soul. My clients inspire me to continue shooting, pushing my limits creatively and grow my business.” – Teri Fiske

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Recognize Your Influence

Once you meet your clients and they book you for their wedding day, you are directly responsible for capturing their emotions on the wedding day. When your clients look back to their images, they will know you took documenting their emotions seriously, as well as the happenings of the day. Wedding photographer, Heather Kline, finds inspiration through the stories her client’s share with her.

“When we’re talking with our couples about their images, and they share with us how it’s made a difference to them, it’s so much more than a picture. It’s powerful! Because of stories like these where we listen to what matters for our clients, we’re able to better and more wholeheartedly serve current and future couples and families.” – Heather Kline

Leave Your Comfort Zone

When you start mastering certain shooting, posing, or lighting skills, you become comfortable using them to capture images for your clients. Because photography techniques continue to change and become more complex, learning new techniques can benefit you and your clients. Carla Ten Eyck, Connecticut wedding photographer, finds inspiration from leaving her comfort zone and continuously advancing her skills.

“I like to constantly push myself and try to work on improving something else once I get too comfortable! This year I am working on shooting through a moment. Once I think I have it, I will keep pushing through until I can create something I am excited about! This is great for me because it helps me to create some new work that inspires me and hopefully my clients will love!” – Carla Ten Eyck

When you find inspiration to help you continue improving your business, you can grow and meet new clients who you will love. Learn more about outsourcing your wedding photo editing and incorporating new techniques into your business with our How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business Guide!


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