How to Create an Incredible Wedding Photographer Contact Form

Since the contact form is how potential clients can get in touch with you, it is thereby one of the most important elements of your website. They could be thinking about booking you, or they might have some questions they’d like you to answer – either way, your contact form could help them begin their first interaction with you by answering a few questions about themselves. This would also mean more leads for you to convert into clients later, and that’s reason enough for you to pay attention to this section of your website. A straightforward and simple contact form could make it easier for potential couples to reach out to you, but if you don’t know how to create a wedding photographer contact form that couples are more likely to fill than ignore, here are some tips that could help.

5 Ways to Build a Great Wedding Photographer Contact Form

1. Required Fields: Keep it Sweet & Simple

Infographic stating a great photography contact form consists of simple and straightforward fields

Start creating your wedding photographer contact form with fields or boxes designated for basic information such as names, email, phone number, and the kind of service required. You can add boxes for alternate email or an alternate phone number so that you have another way to respond to couples. Also, make sure you don’t just keep one box for the name but two, and instead of using the titles bride and groom, you could use partner 1 and partner 2 to be more inclusive.

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2. Show Care With Your Questions

Infographic stating make sure your contact form questions align with your brand

If you just put any questions in your contact form without giving them much thought, your potential clients might do the same. They might not take you or your brand seriously and simply pass. So make sure your questions are aligned with your brand image. If it is formal, then the language in your contact form should reflect the same. If you like to go professional yet friendly in your approach, questions that aim to get to know them as people (favorite TV show or movie) might help. This could be a starting point for your subsequent interaction and help you establish a relationship with them. If you show interest in getting to know potential clients, they might just reciprocate too.

3. Ask the Likely Date & Location

It would help you to know whether a couple is seeking your services in your area of operation or want you to travel to another destination. If they need you to travel for the job, you may want to discuss the details of that. For example, tickets and hotel stay. Knowing the tentative dates of when they require your services would essentially keep you from double booking yourself. Also, knowing the time of the year your potential clients could be getting married or engaged in and the place of their celebration could help you think of photography ideas. You can bring them up in your future interactions to impress your potential clients.

4. Leave Space for a Personal Message

Infographic stating leave space for a personal message where your couple can share any specific requests or ideas for their wedding or engagement session

For your client to be able to share some extra information apart from the listed questions, it would be helpful to leave some space for them. It could be anything about their love story, their wedding, or about them as a couple. Additionally, they could also use the space to write about why they are considering you or if they have any specific demands or ideas in their mind about their wedding/engagement photos.

5. Turn To Studio Management Software

Infographic stating let studio management programs like Tave or HoneyBook help you manage your workflow

Your website may be visited by thousands of people daily, and many of those visitors might even fill your contact form. So even if you are keeping records and maintaining notes, human error could lead to loss of information, or in your day-to-day functioning, you might just forget about a couple of visitors. Therefore, it would be best to let studio management software such as Táve or Honeybook take care of these things. This way, you will be able to track every client’s needs at every step of your relationship with them.

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When creating your wedding photographer contact form, you should try to make your potential couples feel that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them and their love story before you become their wedding photographer. Focus on making your contact form easy to understand, and after all your questions, leave some space for them to add any other information that they might want to share with you.

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