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With other social media platforms on the rise, Facebook has consistently been an ideal platform for wedding photographers. It allows you to connect with followers and share helpful resources with them. You can share your images after they are color corrected by a wedding editing company, and you can encourage your followers to visit your website and blog. But, are you doing everything else you possibly can to learn how to increase Facebook reach?

Pro wedding photographer, Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative and owner of Six Figure Photography has mastered Facebook. Today, he is excited to share one of his secrets with you to help you discover how to increase reach on Facebook.

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How to Increase Facebook Reach

I recently used a simple strategy to grow our Facebook page by 7%… in 12 minutes. Check out the results in this image below. See where the Facebook page likes spike happened? This was all because of the strategy I am going to share with you.

facebook likes screenshot

Image by Ben Hartley // Style & Story Creative

Want to know how I did it? Simple. I invited people who have already interacted with my brand, but have not committed with a page like. Here is how you can do the same:

1. Open up your Facebook page and look at a recent post. See to the left where it says, “X others like this?” Click on that.

step 1 facebook likes

Image by Ben Hartley // Style & Story Creative

2. From here, it will bring up a lightbox showing all of the people who have liked that post.

3. If you’re signed in to your personal page (NOT your business page), you will see that you have the option to invite non-fans to like your page.

4. Start inviting them!

facebook business page fans

Image by Ben Hartley // Style & Story Creative

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Now it is just a matter of rinsing and repeating for all of your posts. Not everyone will become a fan, but you will get a bunch of new likes for your page, which will add additional social proof to your brand and increase awareness of your services! Try this out and see how many new followers you get!

Want more awesome tips from Ben? Be sure to stay up to date with him by following his Six Figure Photography Facebook Page.


Learning how to increase organic reach on Facebook is key to success with your social media strategy. When you fine-tune your strategy for how to get more organic reach on Facebook, you have the opportunity to create additional relationships, which can result in an increase of bookings for your photography business.

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