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Are you a photographer who cringes at the thought of selling to your clients? In-person sales are often one of the most challenging aspects of your job but can also be a lucrative addition to your annual revenue. But, without a process in place, it can be tough to maximize your profits with wall art sales, especially during the busy wedding season. And as exciting as it can be to create beautiful prints for clients, convincing them to invest in high-quality crafted pieces can be difficult. In this blog, we’ll explore how to sell wall art to every client and the importance of setting and maintaining expectations throughout the client lifecycle. Here are the top 5 tips for you to implement into your process today.

5 Tips For Selling Wall Art To Clients


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Do you find yourself offering wall art but not selling it to clients? To find success with every client, you must attract the right type of client to your business. If you attract clients who do not want wall art, chances are you will sell less to them. To draw potential clients’ attention to wall art, place examples on every platform they can access, including your website, blog, and social media platforms. When you place wall art everywhere your clients look at your work, you have a higher chance of the right clients reaching out to you.

2. Create a Website Gallery

Just like you share your images once they are color corrected by a wedding photography post-processing company, add a wall art portfolio to your website. This will be a section of your website dedicated to samples of wall art or actual images of your wall art in your past clients’ homes. When you place a gallery on your website, you show potential clients the expectations they should have when they work with you. It also helps them start to visualize what their wedding images could look like in their home after the shoot.

3. Share Galleries on the Blog

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On your website, you can show examples of wall art in your portfolio. For your blog, you can share galleries of past wedding wall art. Use the blog posts as a teaser to show your favorite photos from a session and to further plant the seed for wall art sales. You can also share more about why you love wall art on the blog. When you take the time to write about why you love wall art and think it is the best thing for your clients to purchase, you create a connection between the wedding day and wall art sales.

4. Post Social Media Galleries

For the gallery on your website, you shared stunning examples of wall art. On the blog, you shared why you believe your client’s images belong on the wall, which is a one-way conversation. Your social media platforms allow you to have two-way conversations with your followers and show your current and potential clients you offer wall art with your services. Take this opportunity to really involve your followers in the discussion about wall art. A great way to excite your followers on social media is to ask their opinion about which wall art samples you should use in your studio or hold a contest where your followers have to pick their favorite gallery. These techniques help attract clients from your social platforms who want to purchase wall art.

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5. Have a Client-Focused Planning Meeting

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Each of the processes above happens before the client contacts you. After the client reaches out, have a client-focused planning meeting. The meeting does two things for you. It will increase your profit because you will have an easier time discussing wall art sales after their expectations are set through your website, blog, and social platforms. The planning meeting also turns selling into service, which helps you provide a better service for your client.

Use this time to ask them open-ended questions about where they envision their wall art in their home so they feel included and more excited about the process. Once they answer your questions, take that information and provide them with suggestions that match their preferences.

Tip: Use an app like Swift Galleries to help your clients envision how their wall art will look in their homes.


After you book your client and the wedding day shoot has arrived, reinforce expectations for wall art sales. When you sell through the wedding, you build excitement for the products you talked about in the client-focused planning meeting.

While you are shooting during the wedding day, refer back to wall art and help them visualize it. When you pose the bride and groom together with a stunning landscape in the background, say something like, “This is the perfect shot to hang over the mantle in your living room!” Since they told you about how their home looks and where they wanted their wall art to go, you can remind them about it while you shoot the wedding images. When you take steps to set and reinforce expectations before and during the wedding day, you can sell wall art to every client. The more wall art sales you bring in, the more you will increase your overall profit.

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Learning the art of selling wall art to every client is an invaluable skill for wedding photographers. By implementing these top five tips, you can enhance your clients' experience and boost your revenue significantly. Remember to showcase the value of high-quality wall art, guide your clients through the selection process, build strong relationships, offer versatile options, and create a seamless sales experience. With these strategies in place, you'll be well on your way to transforming your photography business and leaving a lasting impression on each and every client.

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