Through the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, it can sometimes be hard for couples to truly enjoy all of the details surrounding them and the moments that occur. So how can you help preserve the memories of the wedding day for them? Create an album! Not only is this a piece that your couples will cherish, but it is an easy way for friends and family to reminisce about the details of that special day as well! Incorporating albums into your packages assists you in maximizing your profit. If you want to satisfy your current clients and book ideal future clients, album design is an important aspect to include.

In our Profitable Album Design and Sales Webinar, wedding photographer Melissa Jill shared effective ways for photographers to utilize wedding albums to increase sales within their photography businesses. Here are the top 5 tips to help you boost your album sales.

1. Show your passion for creating albums

Since digital images are usually high in demand, it is your job to educate your clients on the importance of also having an album. A wedding day is a sentimental part of your client’s lives, so explain why an album will create memories that will last a lifetime. While having the digital files are great, share with couples how wonderful it is to have a physical item that truly captures the highlights and most memorable moments of the day.

“I think of it as a 1st family heirloom – a timeless product that tells the story of their love for future children and grandchildren. I am passionate about this product. I want to serve clients well and put an album in their hands.” – Melissa Jill

2. Create sample albums

When you meet with your clients for the first time, be sure to have one or two sample albums available for browsing. It can be difficult to sell something to your clients that they cannot see. In many instances, your clients do not know the benefits of purchasing a wedding album. If they can hold the album in their hands, they will have a clear idea of what they are buying.

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Oftentimes, clients will come to you with a set budget of how much they want to spend. What we need to realize is that the budget is usually flexible, especially if you physically show clients something that they need to have in their photography package! Allowing clients to hold and look through a sample album can be a game-changer, and they will reallocate their budget if they believe something is worth the investment.

3. Outsource your album design

When you outsource your design, you are freeing yourself up to focus on other aspects of your business. Similar to how you can utilize ShootDotEdit for your wedding photo editing, Align Albums takes care of designing your albums! Melissa Jill created Align to provide photographers with fast turnaround, affordable and clean designs, and a helpful option for clients to make changes online.

When you outsource your album design, you are saving yourself time and creating a satisfied client. Your clients will appreciate that you created a unique keepsake in a quick amount of time! Along with this, you are freeing up your time to spend on other profit-producing areas of your business, so it is a win for everyone!

4. Pre-design all albums

It is crucial to the success of your business for you to pre-design your albums for your clients. If you wait for clients to choose their images, it is possible that you may wait months to make any progress. An efficient way to speed up the process is for you to design the album right away after the wedding. Choose your favorite images to tell the ideal story of the day. When you show your clients the initial design, let them know that they can make changes and swap images if necessary. It is much easier for your clients to choose images when they are looking at an actual design.

Remind your clients that you pre-design albums as a service to them. Many clients may have a fear that if you choose the images, they will not be able to add in their favorites. Assure them that they have the final approval of the album. In the end, they will be thrilled that you are doing the bulk of the work.

5. Up-sell to increase profit

Think of albums as a profitable add-on to your packages. When you are in your first client meeting, discuss the options you provide for clients. It is important to remember to have confidence in what you sell. If you believe in your product, you will be able to up-sell to your clients. Inform your clients that it is likely that they will want to add extra spreads to their album.

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Melissa Jill uses the verbiage “credit” so that it more appealing for clients to add more pages to their album. It is important to educate your clients about the services you are up-selling so that they will trust your opinion. When you build the relationship based on trust, your clients will be more inclined to buy your added services.

If you truly believe in the value of the products you showcase to your clients, they will naturally be more inclined to purchase them. Wedding album sales will help you increase your profit to your business, and they will provide clients with a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. For additional ways to improve your business this year, download our How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business Guide: 2015 Updated Edition!


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