As a wedding photographer, it is essential to have an efficient post-wedding workflow. Not only will this help you save time, but you will be able to deliver images to your clients faster, making them happy and more likely to refer you! With the release of Lightroom CC (or Lightroom 6), this increases the number of ways that you can improve your workflow.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’re excited to announce that we put together a new Lightroom CC Workflow for photographers! The changes, though minimal, are going to save you more time throughout the busy wedding season, allowing you to spend more time shooting and meeting ideal clients! With our new workflow, not only can you build your ShootDotEdit CAT the same way as you prep and build for your ShootDotEdit job, you can follow the same steps for reallocating your Lightroom 5 Workflow.

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1. Take Advantage of the Speed

With Lightroom CC, you are setting yourself up with faster technology that allows you to speed up your overall workflow. This is especially helpful for you during the busy wedding season when sending your images to ShootDotEdit for your color correction needs. The time it takes to import and export images, along with the rendering of images, is faster than previous versions of Lightroom. By utilizing the facial recognition to create tags, along with the ability to work on your mobile device, you can speed up the time you spend working on and organizing your images.

2. Access Lightroom Mobile

Since Lightroom is officially part of the Creative Cloud family, you can sync your Lightroom Catalogs across several devices. If you download Lightroom on your mobile devices and on your desktop, you can automatically sync your images to your main computer to work on when you are in your studio. When you are on the move, simply sync the Lightroom Catalog to your mobile device, and you can edit your photos or attend a client meeting with examples directly from your Lightroom collection!

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Tip: For simple ways to work with Lightroom Mobile, create Lightroom collections on your desktop that you can sync to your iPhone or iPad. When you need to work on wedding images somewhere other than your studio, you can now quickly access those specific images and make corrections!

3. Utilize Facial Recognition

Though this feature is not necessarily pertinent for your ShootDotEdit workflow, one way to speed up your post processing workflow is to use the facial recognition feature. This new addition allows you to categorize and organize images based on a person. When you are in the Library Module, at the bottom of the grid in the tool bar is a new button with a face icon – this is what you can click on to activate the facial recognition.

All of your photos that include a person in the image from the folder you are working in will populate. From here, you can select a specific face in one of your photos and enter the name of the subject (such as the bride or groom). Lightroom will begin to recognize that subject in other images and suggest that you tag them with the same name.

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Tip: Using facial recognition to organize your images can be a useful sales technique for you. If family or friends of the bride and groom want to look for certain people in the images, you can quickly filter by that person’s name!

4. Create Panoramic Images

In the past, making panoramic images has typically been something that you would create in Photoshop. In Lightroom CC, the Panorama function allows you to automatically stitch together several images into one seamless photo! If you are using RAW images to create the panoramic image, the final outcome will still contain all of the information and depth that your individual RAW images contained. Along with the Panorama function, you can also create HDR images in a similar way without needing to import your images into Photoshop.

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5. Use Straightening and Cropping Tools

With Lightroom CC, you have the ability to use automatic cropping and straightening. You can select all of the images in your collection that you want to straighten or crop, and then have this applied to your selected images at the same time. This can be a huge time saver, and you can do this after receiving your color corrected images back from ShootDotEdit. If you need to alter a particular image from the group, you are able to re-adjust as necessary.

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The benefits of using Lightroom CC create several opportunities for you and your photography business. With the ability to work on your images from other devices than your desktop, you are creating an effective workflow that frees up more of your time. When you partner with a wedding photography post processing specialist, like ShootDotEdit, you are creating the fastest workflow possible – eliminating any potential issues or headaches during the busy wedding season! For more information on what ShootDotEdit can do for your business, download our How to Integrate SDE into Your Workflow Guide!


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