There are only a few days left in 2016, and we love reminiscing on the past year of wedding photography resources you loved. Here at ShootDotEdit, not only can you outsource wedding photo editing to us, we also love to provide you with tools and information to help you grow as a photographer and business owner. Last week, we shared our Top Wedding Photography Resources of 2016, which included some valuable tools you can implement into your business to help your growth. Today, we’re sharing our top 10 blog posts of 2016.

10. Lighting Tips from Wedding Pros

For every wedding shoot you have, there are various scenarios you may face. Some of the situations you are in will provide challenges with lighting, and can cause you to slow down your process. In our blog post, we share top lighting tips from wedding pros like Zach and Jody Gray, Roberto Valenzuela, and more. Topics of lighting cover off-camera light, as well as how to use certain lighting in any situation you are in during a wedding shoot.


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9. Shooting for the Album

When you first meet with the bride and groom, you discuss the products and services they desire form you. One of the products and services that can provide them with their memories from the day, and increase your overall profit, is the wedding album. Since the album can take much of your time to work on, we reached out to Andrew Funderburg of Fundy Software to find out how to strategically shoot for the album.


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8. Doubling Income with Style

When you think about growing your business, what do you know you need to focus on to become the best photographer and business owner possible? Creating a Signature Style is one of the best ways for you to grab the attention of ideal clients and increase your overall income. In this blog post, we share the Top 5 Tips for Doubling Income with Signature Style from wedding photographer Scott Robert Lim you can use in your photography business.


7. Posing from Boudoir Photographers

When you create flattering poses for your clients during the wedding shoot, regardless of their body type, you create strong and memorable images. Boudoir photographers pose each part of the body, pay attention to small details, and help their clients create powerful poses to bring emotion to the image. Throughout our blog post, we share 7 posing tricks you will learn from Boudoir photographers, including Jen Rozenbaum.


6. Shooting a Large Bridal Party

During your past shoots, have you ever struggled with organizing and shooting a large bridal party? With so many people to move around, it can become overwhelming and take more time than you desire. To help you shoot large bridal parties on the wedding day, we reached out to Amy and Jordan Demos for their valuable insights. Throughout the post, they share 3 steps to photograph a large bridal party in the fastest, most effective, and organized way possible.


5. Secrets to Branding Your Business

When you reach out to clients who are perfect for your business, your brand message must speak to them and allow them to connect with you. Without a strong and cohesive brand message, you risk missing out on booking ideal clients. Starting in 2016, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro Vanessa Joy provides her insights with photographers every month on our blog. In her first post, Vanessa discusses the importance of sharing your strong brand message with ideal clients, as well as 3 secrets to do so.


4. 5 Tricks to Never Miss a Shot

As a photographer, you’ve likely seen a wedding timeline so off track you barely have any time to capture the most crucial images from the day. Since your couple hired you to document their special day, you have to know how to take those images in a limited timeframe. For this blog post, we reached out to wedding photography duo Justin and Mary Marantz to discover how they capture the most important images during wedding time-crunches.


3. Shooting in Dark Locations

While you shoot the engagement session or wedding day, there are various things that can go wrong. One of the toughest situations to be in is to have to shoot in the dark without a flash, which can often be challenging and frustrating. In our blog post, we share 3 valuable tips to help you shoot in dark locations without flash and still capture the moments and images you desire and your clients will love.


2. Photography Email Templates

When you first interact with your clients, your communication often happens through email. Because so many of the emails you send are similar, it is necessary for you to find an outlet to streamline the process for you. Throughout our blog post, we share 5 wedding photography email templates you need to implement into your business now. These email templates can save you hours every year, and are only the beginning of the ones you should use for your client communication.


1. 19 Instagram Hashtags You Need

As a wedding photographer, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to use, and it has been growing throughout the year. Hashtags are the #1 way for you to encourage followers to click on your account, so you can encourage them to access your website and blog. In our blog post, we share 19 hashtags you need to use on Instagram. We also partnered with some industry pros, like Jose Villa, Melissa Jill, and more to find out which hashtags work best for them.


Wow! There were so many great posts from 2016, plus valuable tips and tricks from top wedding photographers! We hope you enjoyed our blog posts, and have found ways to use the tips in your business. Don’t forget to share which post was your favorite, and how you used the tips in your business this year!

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