Top 5 Things Successful Wedding Photographers Outsource

When you are running a wedding photography business, besides shooting weddings, you may just have to focus on other aspects of the business. And while you may be a wedding photographer by profession, to run a successful wedding photography business, you will get yourself familiarized with the world of post-processing, printing, and marketing too. However, if you think that you can’t possibly have time for all of this as you continue to book more weddings and improve your portfolio, we have one word for you: Outsourcing! Not everything needs to be managed by you, and therefore, when you outsource to experts, you don’t need to be involved in every aspect of your business. If you are looking for some ideas to lessen your workload while growing your business, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we take you through some things that wedding photographers outsource.

5 Things Wedding Photographers Outsource

1. Culling

Infographic stating outsource culling and editing and get your time back

While photographing a wedding, you don’t want to miss out on any important detail. The result – hundreds or possibly thousands of images. And, culling them yourself can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This is why many wedding photographers opt to outsource culling to a second shooter or an agency. Sometimes, you can be attached to the images you took and therefore have a hard time deciding which one to keep and which one to reject. That’s natural, but this problem can be eliminated if you outsource culling. Moreover, this would mean that the hours you would otherwise spend on culling, you could spend on actually shooting weddings.

2. Photo Editing

When thinking about outsourcing photo editing and retouching to experts, a question most wedding photographers will ask is, “Will they match my editing style?” The simple answer is: Yes. You just have to find the right people. Many professional photo editing pros will try to match your editing style once you ask them to.

3. Album Designing & Printing

Infographic stating think of all the time you would save if you outsourced album design

For your clients, albums are the way to experience those special moments from their big day. Therefore, making album designing and printing an important part of your business. For outsourcing album designing, you can design a template that will serve as a style guide. This will help whichever designer you choose to be aligned with your album style. One of the additional perks of outsourcing your album designing and printing is that besides saving you time, it will also lead to faster delivery.

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4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important pillar of marketing and brand building. Even though you might have enough visual content to keep your social media handles updated, outsourcing it to a marketing agency or a marketing expert will help you build a solid brand-centric social media presence. Having someone else handle your social media could also lead to faster response times and quicker problem-solving. Moreover, a strong social media strategy focusing on increasing engagement will also help you reach out to more potential clients.

5. Blogging

Infographic stating outsource your blogging to help you build SEO and get noticed

Blogging is an integral website marketing aspect for any business. Not only does it help in building a strong website, but it also offers your audience a glimpse inside your world. However, as important as it may seem, blogging might not be fruitful if not done regularly (within short intervals). Therefore, it may make more sense to outsource it while you spend time creating new visual content. Share your experience and ideas with the people working on your blog posts and let them put your thoughts into words that your audience will relate to.

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Infographic stating successful photographers outsource hard tasks to save time

Running a successful wedding photography business is not easy. In addition to shooting weddings, you need to carefully plan business strategies that will help level up your business. If you don’t outsource, you also need to dedicate a large chunk of your time to various post-production processes. However, outsourcing can help you create a balance by taking care of mandatory tasks that don’t necessarily need a lot of time from you. Once you outsource those tasks, you can use that time you’d otherwise dedicate to culling or social media marketing to photograph more weddings. Now that you are aware of some of the things wedding photographers outsource, we hope it’ll help you in the process of deciding how you can also lessen your workload.

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