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Symmetry in photography takes center stage as a pivotal photography composition technique. Beyond mere aesthetics, it’s the artful balance of elements within a frame that transforms a photograph into a stunning narrative. Whether you’re scouting for the perfect symmetrical backdrop for an outdoor ceremony or aiming for flawless indoor scenes, achieving proper symmetry in photos demands expertise and finesse. In this blog post, we’re diving into practical tips and techniques for mastering symmetry in photography, along with some creative inspiration from the talented ShootDotEdit customers. Ready to refine your skills and capture captivating symmetry in your wedding photos? Let’s dive in.

What Is Symmetry In Wedding Photography?

Symmetry in photography, especially in the context of wedding photos, is an artful technique that involves balancing elements in photography and creating harmony within a frame. With weddings, where capturing the essence of love and unity is paramount, symmetry becomes a powerful tool to emphasize the significance of the occasion. 

Using symmetrical images you can highlight the unity and connection between your couple, emphasizing the shared moments that mark the beginning of their journey together. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the photographs and contributes to the narrative, creating images that stand the test of time and become cherished memories for your clients.

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Tips To Achieve Symmetry In Photography

1. Find Balance With Symmetry

a wedding couple posing in a church in their wedding attire with the brides chapel train spread out beautifully
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

Symmetry in photography entails dividing an object or view into two equal parts to create a balance and harmony that attracts the viewer’s attention. You need to create an equilibrium and a sense of stability in your wedding photos with symmetrical photography elements like prominent lines, shapes, or structures repeated on both sides of the photo, and use them to frame your subjects.

Look for repeating patterns in wedding details like dresses, floral arrangements, seating, or decor that you can symmetrically present for a visually cohesive effect. Another classic way to create symmetry is using the frame within a frame technique. You can use natural elements like trees and archways or add from the venue’s architectural and geometric patterns for a stunning symmetrical wedding portrait.

2. Explore The Elements Of A Balanced Composition

a top down shot of a wedding couple lying on grass
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

Creating a symmetrical balance is a great way to add interest to your shots. When using this technique, ensure even lighting on both sides of the frame to prevent shadows or highlights from disrupting the visual balance of the perfectly symmetrical composition.

Try to apply different symmetry types for exciting compositions. For example, you can place the couple or key wedding elements at the center of the frame, creating a focal point that radiates symmetry. You can utilize reflective objects or surfaces like mirrors and calm bodies of water to achieve reflective symmetry, creating a mirror-like image. Even when you’re posing the wedding party, try creating a balanced arrangement for visual perfection.

3. Leverage Light And Shadow To Create Contrast

a couple standing in front of converging reflective walls while the sun shines from behind them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

Contrast is essential in highlighting the minute details of a photograph. The interplay between light and shadows is a great way to create this contrast to add depth, drama, and interest to your symmetry photos. 

Imagine your couple standing beneath a grand archway, bathed in the light of the soft golden hour. As the sunlight casts shadows, the intricate details of the architecture come alive, creating a dynamic, symmetrical frame. To achieve this effect, strategically position your subjects to catch the light, emphasizing the symmetry of the scene. You can experiment with angles and light patterns against a well-lit symmetrical backdrop, highlighting key elements and textures. Whether it’s the intimate glow of candlelight during a reception or if you’re photographing your couple in their elegant wedding attire, try to include both light and shadow to bring out the best in the photograph. 

4. Craft Creative Perspectives On Symmetry

Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Incorporating symmetry using creative perspectives can elevate your work and offer a fresh take on traditional compositions. Here are some creative approaches to symmetry in wedding photography:

A. Dynamic Poses

Try to experiment with dynamic and unconventional poses that maintain balance while introducing movement. You can also capture candid moments that naturally unfold in symmetrical settings.

B. Asymmetrical Elements

Combining symmetry with asymmetrical elements helps create visual interest. Try to play with off-center compositions while still maintaining a sense of balance.

C. Use Of Negative Space

Embracing negative space photography can enhance the impact of a symmetrical photo composition. This minimalist approach can evoke a sense of elegance and simplicity.

D. Drones And Aerial Shots

Drone photography is a great technique to look for unique aerial perspectives that showcase the venue and couple in a symmetrical view from above.

E. Double Exposure Techniques

Explore double exposure or overlay techniques in post-processing to merge a symmetrical image over another and tell a more intricate wedding story.

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Symmetry In Wedding Photos: Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

1. June Lion

a black and white shot of a wedding couple standing side by side a wooden mansion
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

2. Brandi Allyse Photo

a wide angle shot of a couple in between some trees while the sun is at the horizon
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

3. Flavio D Photography

a cute shot of a wedding couple where the bride is making funny faces from behind the groom
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography

4. Lovers Of Love

a narrow depth of field shot of a wedding couple standing closely seen from above
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @loversoflove

5. Stephanie Heymann Photography

a wedding ring perfectly placed in between the two bridal shoes
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

6. Looyenga Photography

a couple closely embracing each other in front of a lake surrounded by mountains
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

7. Photography By Orlando

a bride posing with the train of her wedding dress spread out while light shines from two windows behind her
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

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Whatever your wedding photography style is, symmetrical photos can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your photos. Using different techniques such as horizontal symmetry, line symmetry, and even capturing stunning reflections on water can create a unique, aesthetically pleasing composition. Remember, symmetry in photography is not just about replicating elements but about creating a visually satisfying balance that can evoke emotions and resonate with viewers. Following the above-mentioned tips and symmetry photography ideas, you can use this powerful technique to make your images truly stand out. 

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