Photographing in Winter

Featuring Joe McFetridge

Do you live somewhere where it snows? Do you struggle with photographing in winter? Joseph McFetridge of Love by Joe Mac knows how that goes! Since he lives and works in a part of the country where it snows all winter -which often presents a lot of issues for photographers – he doesn’t escape the chill but instead, when it comes to winter weather, Joe McFetridge embraces the cold.

“The winter elements simply provide me new opportunities to capture my clients in diverse environments.”

When it comes to photographing in winter, for some photographers, cold weather or snow makes it hard to shoot outside, but Joe says he’s trained himself to make the most of what he calls less hospitable factors.

Photographing in Winter

Joe’s Thoughts on Photographing in Winter

When it comes to photographing in winter, Joe says “I keep things quick and plan out shoots strategically to capture the magic of snow without needing to spend a considerable amount of time actually engaging with it! I utilize apps to strategically plan the use of light during the winter months when the days are shorter and I work with my clients to plan for ways to maximize our time together.”

Joe credits growing up in Pennsylvania with his resourcefulness around the elements and has five tips on how to survive the winter season and stay on top of your game.

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Photographing in Winter: 5 Tips for Staying on Top This Winter Season

1. Prioritize — utilize lists and set expectations for yourself.

2. Schedule — think about the time of your shoot and the loss of light with shorter days.

3. Maintenance — ensure your equipment is functioning properly and shield it from the elements with proper cases.

4. Stay Current — seasonal marketing through your website and social media is important to stay relevant year-round.

5. Recharge — make the most of the short time between the winter and the summer to get out and vacation.

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To check out more from Joe McFetridge, follow him on Instagram and Facebook or check out his website, Love by Joe Mac.

Don’t be afraid of Photographing in Winter

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