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Pastels, florals, lush greenery, breathtaking sunsets, and an all-around whimsical vibe – spring weddings are planned to celebrate not only the union of two people but also the beautiful season that comes after the long cold spell. Plus, it’s also the time when you leave the slow season behind and prepare for the upcoming wedding season. And when it comes to photographing a spring wedding, the shot list has to include elements that signify spring. Chances are that if your couple is having a wedding when spring is in full swing, their wedding is full of elements that are quintessentially spring. Besides paying attention to all the little details, there are a few other ways to photograph your couple’s spring wedding flawlessly, and in this blog, we take you through some of them.

5 Spring Wedding Photography Tips

1. Go Outside

A landscape frame of a bride and groom posing near a tree
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

We don’t have to tell you, you already know how beautiful spring can be. The bright blue sky, Mother Nature in full bloom, and the gorgeous colors are good enough reasons to step outside with your couple – especially if they are getting married indoors. If they’ve chosen an outdoor venue, then try to step away from the crowd and go on a little walk to see what nature has to offer. Find backdrops that represent spring and photograph your couple in front of them. Think vine-covered walls, a field of flowers, a lane of cherry blossoms – spring will look different in different geographical locations, but the point is to stay close to nature. And if it happens to rain during your couple’s spring wedding, then get those umbrellas and take a little walk anyway.

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2. Decor Details

infographic stating photographing spring-themed decor is an essential part of spring wedding photography

Some couples like to keep their wedding elements minimalistic, while others go all out. Either way, the decor will often match the theme of the wedding. Therefore, it’s a crucial part of spring wedding photography. Look out for any statement-making signage or decor elements that are unique to your couple’s wedding. For example: Did the bride make the centerpieces herself? Did your couple emboss dried flowers to their invitations? Were the dinner tables decorated with linens that spoke of spring too? All these details take exceptional planning skills (and lots of time), so don’t miss out on photographing them. Your couples will 100% appreciate the attention to detail.

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3. Focus On Florals

A close up shot of a bridal bouquet placed on a table
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

Another obvious point – but it has to be said: Photograph the flowers. But not just the way they’ve been set on the table or in the floral arch or in your bride’s bouquet. Try including flowers in your detail shots of the rings, the stationary, your couple’s accessories, etc. Contrary to what Meryl Streep’s character said in The Devil Wears Prada, florals can indeed be groundbreaking. Your responsibility as a photographer is also to enhance the beauty of ordinary objects, and if you find yourself surrounded by elements, which when put together, have the ability to be your detail shot masterpiece, then go for it! Take some time out to really hone in on the details. Arrange different objects together, maybe even make combinations that don’t usually go together, and see what works.

4. Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

A wedding portrait of a bride and groom holding hands while standing under a tree
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @narvoldphotography

Spring, unless rain decides to make an appearance on your couple’s big day, usually means plenty of gorgeous sunshine. So it’s a no-brainer to use some or most of that to your advantage. While the midday sun might not be the best time to take portraits, we highly recommend that you start early (if the timeline allows, of course). Once your couple is done getting ready, go outside to shoot some portraits. Even when you are taking photos inside, make use of the natural light by posing your clients by huge windows, doors, or any other source of natural light. Before the reception starts, make use of the gorgeous spring golden hour and take romantic portraits of the newlywed couple. You can also take this time to photograph the reception venue details. If you are not too sure about the natural lighting you are going to get at the venue, location scouting could give you a better idea about it.

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5. Bring Out The Drone

An aerial view of a bride and groom posing in a field
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @looyengaphoto

To get those expansive, dramatic shots of your couple’s spring wedding venue, consider experimenting with angles. If you can find a vantage point high enough to get a brilliant bird’s-eye view, then go for it. But otherwise, if you have one and it’s a part of your wedding photography services, you can try taking that shot using a drone. However, some venues might not allow drones on the property, so we’d recommend that before you include drone shots in your shot list, check with the venue about their usage.

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Photograph Spring In All Its Glory!

A couple of color walking down the aisle decorated with floral arrangements
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

While spring weddings call for photographing all things floral and pastel, it’s important that you don’t forget about checking in with your couple about the finalized shot list. They might have their own inputs and perhaps even add a few things to your shot list that you wouldn’t be able to figure out yourself. But no matter what you decide, try to ensure that you get plenty of outdoor time with your couple and their guests. Would it even be a spring wedding without a photo of the couple by a floral arch? Well, it can be. But still, we’d recommend that you get some or a lot of images with blooms. Similarly, don’t forget about the little details. Your couple’s probably planned everything down to a T, so keep referring back to the shot list. And sometimes, perhaps even use your creativity and go beyond it. Lastly, photograph spring in all its glory! Use a drone, include the landscape in your photos, experiment with perspective all the while using that magnificent natural light. Time to say goodbye to the hibernation mode and get back in your element! 

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Spring Wedding Photography Inspiration By ShootDotEdit Customers

1. Diane Nicole Photography

A bride posing in front of a lane decorated with cherry blossoms
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

2. Infinite Loop Photography

A couple posing for a spring wedding portrait session
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

3. Danny Dong Photography

A portrait of a bride sitting on a swing as the groom sways her from the back
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

4. Lovers of Love

A wedding portrait of a bride and groom in a garden
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @loversoflove

5. Brandi Allyse Photography

A bride and groom walking down the aisle while holding hands
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

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