How vital is your Instagram business account in your marketing plan for your photography business? With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram can help you expand your reach exponentially to ideal clients.

Since Instagram is such an influential platform for your marketing efforts, it’s necessary to stay up-to-date with the posts you share. One way to do this is to ensure you have diverse posts that keep your followers excited and engaged. Here are a few tricks to help you spice up your Instagram business account through diversifying your posts.

Start a Series

Have you ever started a series on your blog? It could have been related to your photography business, or was geared more toward your personal life. Maybe you did something along the lines of a “Fun Friday” post, where you shared something exciting you did every Friday on your blog. You can do the same with your Instagram account, and still connect with followers. If you decide to share the delicious things you bake every week, pick a day and post a photo of the final result. Series give your followers another reason to visit your account and see your photos.


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Invite Followers Behind-the-Scenes

A majority of your clients are likely non-wedding photographers, so chances are they do not know what type of work goes into planning, shooting, and fulfilling products for the wedding day. On your Instagram business account, take advantage of all of the tasks you work on for a wedding and share about them with followers. This can include images of your gear bag as you get ready for the wedding day, posts of the ceremony site before anyone arrives, and a sneak peek photo after you finish the shoot.

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Share Personal Moments

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach out to large audiences of potential clients and share more about who you are as a photographer. When you share personal moments in your posts, you provide insight into who you are as a person. Include your favorite quotes on a post, and share what it means to you. Post an introduction for new followers, giving them fun details about you and the things you value. These are great ways to build trust and encourage interaction on your posts.

Post Past Wedding Images

One of the things you likely already share a lot of are your past wedding images. After they are edited by wedding photography editing company, they are ready for you to share with your followers. This is a key part of your Instagram strategy, as these photos help share more about your unique photography style. Make sure you stay top of mind with important moments for your couples with your posts. You can post a photo from their engagement session on the morning of their wedding, share your favorite image right after the shoot concludes, and give them a shout-out on their anniversary.

Create Inspirational Posts

Inspirational posts are great to share with your followers, whether they are fellow photographers or ideal clients. Create a graphic to share on your account with a quote or something you know will be inspirational to your followers. Tell a personal story about a struggle you overcame or a challenge you had to face. Your followers will look forward to these posts, as well as what you have to say. These are chances for you to motivate your fellow photographers, and give a boost to your ideal clients.

Include Vendor Spotlights

As a photographer, you know a lot about the wedding process. Because you work with vendors and other photographers on the wedding day, you build relationships with them. If you have vendors you love to work with, share them with your ideal clients. Share a photo from a past shoot of the vendor’s work. If they are the florist, post a flattering image of their work for the wedding day. Provide a few details for your followers about the vendor, and provide contact information for them. This helps you work with vendors you know and trust, and provides your couple with great options.

Build a Schedule

Now that you have a few ideas to spice up your posts, create a schedule to keep you on track. Remember, the more consistent you are with the schedule, the easier it is to keep followers coming back to your account. If you start a series, make sure to post consistently about it so your followers do not think it was a one-time share.

Take a look at your current Instagram strategy. Do you include posts which help diversify your account, and keep your followers engaged? When you create a strong Instagram business account, you are more likely to attract followers who are perfect for your wedding photography business. What else can you do to stand out on Instagram? Download our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide to find out!


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