Should You Put Prices On Your Photography Website?

“Should you put prices on your photography website?” This question has not only perplexed many photographers over time, but it has also been the center of debate in various photography forums, educational seminars, and social media groups. The notion “there are two sides to every story” stands true for this discussion as well – as there are many things to take into consideration before going ahead with putting your prices on your website. In this blog, we take a look at the pros and cons of adding your price list to your website and how it can impact your wedding photography business.

The Pros of Listing Prices On Your Photography Website

1. Creates Transparency

Infographic stating there are pros and cons to listing your prices on your website. Research what's best for you.

Did you know that your gallery/portfolio page and the pricing page are the two pages that interested clients are most likely to click on? Adding a pricing page to your website can offer a level of transparency that helps set clear expectations upfront with potential clients. And, easy-to-understand pricing on your website (even a range vs. exact amounts) can instantly let your couples know whether or not they can afford you. If they see your pricing first, generally, couples who end up contacting will be prepared and already onboard with your prices.

2. Avoid Sticker Shock

As per Merriam Webster, sticker shock “is the astonishment and dismay experienced on being informed of a product’s unexpectedly high price.” Imagine having a wedding photography consultation where you are taking your clients through your services and how your unique vision can give them the wedding photography experience of their dreams and showing them your portfolio or sample albums, but as soon as you show them your pricing structure, they get shocked! To help, having the prices listed reduces the chances of your clients getting sticker shock during the consultation since they already have that information.

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3. Establishes Position in the Market

Infographic stating putting prices on your website can help establish your position in the market

Your prices can help you establish your position in the market. Call it herd mentality, but if web users come across a price for a product or service that is slightly more expensive than usual (for all the valid reasons), more often than not, they are likely to think that it is a high-quality product/service. So, your pricing can be a great positioning tool if you want to market your brand to customers who are looking to invest in a wedding photography experience that’s larger than life.

The Cons of Listing Prices On Your Photography Website

1. Lack of Flexibility

Having non-negotiable prices can be great. But in wedding photography, sometimes, you might want to consider being a little flexible, especially when you are starting out in the industry. And at times, different things work for different settings. For instance, a small wedding or an elopement with fewer guests can be comparatively less challenging to shoot than a grand wedding with a guest list extending to more than 500 people. And so, both have to be priced accordingly. Having a fixed and published price list can sometimes limit the opportunity for negotiation or customization.

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2. Potential of Losing Out on Clients & Experiences

Infographic stating sometimes, adding your prices to your website could scare off potential clients

While adding your price list on your photography website can help you be more transparent and narrow down the types of couples you attract, it could also sometimes scare off potential clients. Even though you might have carefully priced your photography packages, not all clients will understand all the factors that need to be considered while finalizing the prices. Having a conversation – in person or over the phone – is the best way to have the chance to explain your pricing as it ties to your services. If you simply put numbers on your website, you more often than not can lose the chance to have a conversation with a potential client, who may actually be in your target market but just needed to have things laid out more clearly.

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Infographic stating there is no right or wrong answer

The correct answer to the question “Should you put prices on your photography website?” lies in the process of knowing and analyzing your business. So even though putting your price list on your website could help increase transparency and allow potential clients to get an idea about your prices before reaching out to you, it does have cons that might lead you to lose out on some fantastic clients and experiences. So, before you decide on whether or not you want to go ahead with displaying your prices, you may want to make your own pros and cons list and see what works best for your business. And note that when you are putting up the price lists, there will always be a chance that some customers are simply shopping for the lowest price and will bypass you if you are not within their budget – but it is the chance you will have to take.

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