What happens when you take a few peeps from our Team, go outside for a little Friday ‘recess’, and throw a camera in the mix? An SDE Photo Adventure, with a twist!

The staff was divided into teams of two – one person controlled the camera but couldn’t look, and the other person was the ‘eyes’. They directed their teammate as to how and what to shoot. Each team had 5 minutes to shoot a total of three photos…and the laughter ensued! Our illustrious leader Garrett Delph and Customer Experience member Rachel Edwards documented the outing for our clients’ entertainment, with Rachel on the timer to keep the teams in check.

Garrett and Kevin had the challenge of being the first team to go.

Kim and Jake learned from watching the previous team; Jake took advantage of Kim’s height and was able to look through the viewfinder to compose a little better!

Our last team, Lisa and Travis, had a little extra time to think about what they wanted to shoot and got creative with their compositions!

Aside from being fun and giving everyone a break to do what they love most (photography and post production!), it also helped the team learn to work together better and work through communication and leadership issues.

Once back in the office, we narrowed it down to our favorite photo from each team, and then voted on our top favorite from the entire lot. Now, we are passing the torch on to you, our talented customers, so that you can use your artistic eyes to tell us which photo is YOUR favorite!

Peruse the photos below, and then head over to our Facebook page to vote on the images below!




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