UPDATE: ShootDotEdit no longer supports Lightroom 3. We recommend upgrading to Lightroom 5 to take advantage of all of the amazing features Adobe has added.

Well, our sincere apologies for breaking from our promised and continued blog post on SDE Lightroom Workflow 3.0. We had SO many exciting and new announcements to tell share over the last few weeks, so we strategically postponed……, but we are BACK and ready to talk about submitting your Job!

A few things to remember as you are closing the Lightroom Catalog you will be sending to us:

1. Ensure the Standard Size Previews have been generated
2. Ensure all the images have been placed into the correct folders

Okay, now you are ready!

Here is the Step by Step instructions for the above video:

1. Login to the ShootDotEdit DotTracker using your Client ID and Password
2. On the Client Page select “Submit Job”
3. Select Lightroom Workflow
*This will ensure that you can upload the SDE Lightroom Catalog
*This will ensure that you receive back a Lightroom Catalog via email
4. Fill out Job Submission Form > Click Continue
5. Complete Billing Form > Click Continue
6. Submit your Lightroom Catalog, Lightroom Previews, and all RAW images via our Uploader or mini Hard Drive/DVD/Thumbdrive

That’s the last step in the submission process.

Now you can Sit back, relax, and let ShootDotEdit take care of all of the rest!

Soooooooo, what happens when you get an email from us with your completed Lightroom Catalog? Check back next week to see how to merge your returned Lightroom Catalog with your RAW images.


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