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Optimizing your website to be found by search engines like Google is no easy task. We’ve made it easier by providing professional wedding photographers with a Free Guide: How to Rank #1 on Google. But let’s be honest – there is so much information in the guide, it takes a long time to implement!

In this quick SEO tip: Jason Grubb shares a quick trick that you can implement in less than 5 minutes to help your website’s ranking on Google!

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The world of business is changing rapidly. As business owners, understanding the landscape of that world is critical to our success. More than being hip to industry trends, certain aspects of growing a business are essential to your success. One of those key aspects has always been the location of your business. Not long ago, the most important consideration of new business was real estate. The location of a new business and the clientele who frequented that area could make or break a new venture. Today, real estate is still a key cost of physical retailers. They invest a lot of time, research, and money into deciding where a store will be located.

As we move more firmly into the digital age, there is less anxiety over a physical location. As a photographer, even if you have a studio or office, the most important “location” is your online storefront— your website—and where it will land on any given search engine result. It is just as important as making it into the right neighborhood—your site’s listing on a search engine such as Google or Bing will determine the quality and frequency of your traffic.
The way potential wedding clients search for information has also evolved in the past few years. Now, more than ever, brides are turning to the internet for help. Recently engaged women spend huge amounts of time researching vendors: their venue, their dress, and their photographer. In a recent survey published by The Knot, 98% of brides use the web for making wedding planning decisions. This figure is closely followed by referrals from friends and family at 84%. When brides are online, they are spending 63% of their time researching vendors and 45% of their time using social media to talk or to research their wedding, and those numbers are only growing.

If almost all of a client’s wedding planning is happening on the computer—through internet searches, Pinterest shares, and Facebook recommendations—how do you ensure that your ideal clients are able to find you? In the vast sea of Internet searches, how can you attract people to your website?”

Excerpt from Rank #1 on Google: SEO Basics for the Wedding Photographer

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Search Engine Optimization has never been more important for the professional wedding photography studio. Grab a free copy of our SEO Guide and skyrocket your website to the top of Google!



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