infographic stating tips for adding professional headshots to your wedding photography business

Looking to make extra cash and grow your wedding photography business? Look no further than indoor headshots! Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to freshen up their LinkedIn profile picture or get their latest business headshot? By offering indoor headshots to solopreneurs and small businesses, you can tap into a whole new market while still flexing your photography skills. Lucky for you, you’re already an expert in the photography game! So, why not add corporate headshots as well to your repertoire? With a few quick, professional headshots tips, you can promote your new service and potentially increase your income. So, time to grab your camera and help your clients show off their best side!

Professional Headshot Photography

infographic stating add professional headshots to your wedding photography business to set yourself apart from competitors and increase your client base

As a wedding photographer, capturing the moments of the big day is obviously your top priority. But have you considered adding professional headshots to your list of photography services? Professional headshots capture the essence of a person and can be used for work, social media, and personal brand marketing. Also, it’s a great way to add value and differentiate yourself from other wedding photographers. So, we’ve listed 5 ways to help you utilize this opportunity and offer something truly special to your clients.

1. Know What You Want To Offer

As you plan to add professional business headshots as part of your add-on services, don’t worry about finding luxurious locations or grandiose spaces! All you need is a small indoor location that can fit the bill (or even better, a free location!). You can even turn a small space in your home into a headshot haven. The possibilities are endless! If you’re feeling more daring, switch it up by changing the backdrop colors or explore outside for a more urban feel. With a bit of space and a lot of planning, lucrative headshot sessions can complement any wedding photography business.

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2. Have A Marketing Plan

infographic stating a strategic plan with several marketing elements will help attract more clientele for headshots

To skyrocket your business success with the professional photos add-on service, you need to create a marketing game plan. Ensure that your clients get a high-quality headshot using natural light. Additionally, consider creating a creative marketing campaign. Many people today are looking to spruce up their portraits for LinkedIn or business websites with a professional headshot. Don’t just rely on word of mouth but take action! 

Visit local businesses with your card or flier, or even better, a QR code with a link to your website. Another great way to boost your wedding photography business is to partner with other professionals in your industry, such as a business coach, a local SEO or social media company, or even a graphic designer. This collaboration can benefit both parties as you can promote each other’s services to your clients. Additionally, you can use social media to spread the buzz and attract more clientele. 

3. Help Prepare Your Clients

You’ve booked the headshot session, and now it’s time to prepare your clients for their own professional headshot. Preparation is key, and that’s why creating a quick ‘how to prepare’ email can be a game-changer! From hair and makeup tips to clothing suggestions, your clients will be grateful for your guidance. But why stop there? Consider having a quick consultation call with the client to discuss any questions or concerns they may have about preparing for their photo shoot. Let them know that photos smiling and projecting confidence are essential elements of a professional photo. Plus, setting clear expectations not only smooths the road ahead but also gives you a chance to connect and build trust with your clients. With your expertise behind the lens and your helpful advice, your clients will feel confident and camera-ready.

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4. Strategically Price Your Services

infographic stating create a pricing strategy that balances profit and customer satisfaction

You’ve decided to add professional headshots as an add-on service. The next step is figuring out how to price your own headshot services without scaring away potential future clients. After all, you want them to return for future sessions! Keep in mind that you’ll need to charge more than a DIY professional headshot while also remaining competitive within the market. Moreover, create personalized packages to meet the unique needs of each client; this can help in increasing the value of the service provided. When determining the price, try to find a balance between attracting clients and fairly valuing your work. Don’t offer too much of a discount initially, and keep prices competitive. A strategic approach to pricing will keep clients returning for more!

5. Add A Professional Headshot Photography Package

Consider adding a professional headshot package as an add-on service! A quick headshot session is perfect for those looking for a new LinkedIn profile picture or business card upgrade. But why stop there? You can offer seasonal branding sessions where your clients can come back for a full experience. Think of it as a way to capture their personal and professional brand in action. Another option to consider is to offer credits for the cost of the headshots towards a future branding session with the client. By doing this, you not only provide added value to the client but also encourage them to come back for more business. This can potentially lead to more bookings in the future.

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As a wedding photographer, you understand how crucial it is to stay relevant in the constantly evolving business marketing landscape. Likewise, small business owners are continuously striving to enhance their brands and stand out as professional entities. A brand refresh can help with that! And what better way to do that than by offering indoor headshots? It’s a fun and creative way to expand your portfolio and make some extra cash. You can experiment with lighting or different angles to create high-quality professional quality headshots using natural and off-camera light. Plus, offering headshots as a service could have long-term benefits for your business, as clients may come back to you for future wedding photography needs. So why not add the service and a little pizzazz to your photography business and start promoting your indoor headshots today?

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