We reached out to 19 pro photographers, including Vanessa Joy, Jimmy Bui, and Carrie Wildes, to bring you their personal stories behind the funniest, craziest, and most challenging wedding day disasters they’ve experienced.

The wedding day disasters include:

  • MUST-HAVE gear was left at home
  • It started RAINING in the middle of the portraits
  • The wedding coordinator went MISSING

36 Wedding Disasters Faced by Pro Photographers

One of the wedding day disasters mentioned in our free guide has to do with hair and makeup running behind, which caused the rest of the timeline to get pushed. Green Tea Photography has experienced this and shares their story with us in the guide, mentioning:

“Hair and makeup went 1 hour and 45 minutes late, completely cut our portrait time from 1 hour and 1/2 to 5 minutes of portraits at the church and another 5 minutes (that we insisted upon) in their hotel room before the reception began.”

Another disaster a pro wedding photographer mentions in our guide is in regard to forgetting gear at home, like Jimmy Bui Photography experienced:

“The first time was when I forgot my dual camera strap. The other time is when I forgot my memory cards. Yes, my memory cards! I didn’t have a second shooter with me to borrow some!”

Throughout our guide, the pros also share their proven strategies, which are perfect to conquer these obstacles during the wedding day. You will find out how Green Tea Photography worked to make the wedding day a success, even with a late timeline, and how Jimmy Bui Photography still captured memorable images after forgetting some of his photography gear.

Download our free guide, created in collaboration with Finao, The International Academy of Wedding Photographers, Renaissance Albums, Tether Tools, and Holdfast, to read all 36 wedding day disasters and how the pros conquered them!

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