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Besides proposal and engagement sessions for their save-the-date cards, many couples these days like indulging in elaborate pre-wedding shoots to share their images with their families, friends, and social media followers. A pre-wedding photo shoot is about bringing out your couple’s personality, building their story around a theme, and narrating it romantically and creatively. So, even though there are several ideas that you could suggest to your couple, try to find that one thing that they love doing together or that one thing that helped them connect instantly, and build your pre-wedding photo shoot ideas around that. Whether your couple loves to go out or like being in the comfort of their home, this blog has options that you could suggest to both!

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas To Try With Your Couples

1. Focus on Food

Infographic stating highlight what made your couple fall and stay in love

If your couple loves food and connects over it, how about making it a part of the pre-wedding shoot? This way, you’d be able to showcase how their love for food had its own role to play in their love story. Also, if they enjoy cooking or baking together, you could make that a part of their shoot too. After all, these shoots are all about bringing out what makes your couple unique and what best shares their story visually.

2. Get Sporty

If your bride and groom-to-be are sporty or like playing board games together, they might like the idea of bringing that into their pre-wedding photo shoot. Whether it’s tennis, soccer or Monopoly, ask them about their preference and try to plan the shoot around that. Also, you could assure them that they won’t have to worry about how they would look in the photos since doing what they love together will allow them to genuinely have a good time, and when they are actually happy, they will look the same in their pictures too.

3. Plan the Shoot Around Your Couple’s Favorite Film

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Many couples might have a TV show or movie that they like watching together. If that’s the case with your couple, you could use it to plan your shoot. While you get some great photos of them, they’d also be having fun dressed up as their favorite characters. That’s what we’d call a real win-win situation! You could even ask them to recreate any iconic scenes from the TV show or film.

4. Go Vintage

The idea of vintage-style photography attracts many couples. Your couple might want to dedicate their pre-wedding shoot to a particular era or vintage style to make their photos look like they were from another time. So if your couple chooses to go vintage, the possibilities with this kind of photo shoot are endless. You can use gramophones, vinyl backgrounds, Victorian balconies, elaborate dresses, and jewelry to bring out the essence of vintage.

5. Stay at Home

What’s more unique than a couple’s own space? If your couple already shares a home, you could even suggest an at-home session. This is probably the place they spend the most time together, making memories every day. They could have their own little nooks and corners where they like to just curl up together, or they could enjoy things like gardening at home. Since a pre-wedding shoot is all about bringing out their personalities, an at-home session could turn out to be a great way to do it. There might be things in their home that have a connection with their love story, and you could include these elements in the photos too.

6. Include Furry Friends

Infographic stating furry friends can add a touch of adorable for some epic pre-wedding photos

If your couple has a pet, you could suggest that they include them in the shoot. Not only does it add an adorable touch to the photos, but your couple also gets to have another family member in the photos too. If they are worried about who will take care of the pet when they are busy taking pictures, you could ask them to bring a family member or friend for help. You could photograph your couple playing with their pets, doing some tricks, feeding them their favorite treat, or sitting together in a well-posed formal portrait (you could take your chances for this one).

Get To Know Your Couples Before You Photograph Them

Infographic stating discover what makes your couple unique and find ways to incorporate that in the images

Before you suggest any of these pre-wedding photo shoot ideas to your couple, we’d suggest that you get to know them first and ask them if they already have anything in mind. Maybe they already have their own ideas, or perhaps they might need your guidance. Either way, you could suggest these to them and see how they can be modified to suit your couple. The bottom line is that while these ideas could attract several couples, your couple might be looking for something more unique to who they are. So try to be flexible and see if you can brainstorm something together.

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