Wedding Photography Props to Create Stellar Photos
Throw in a few creative photography props against an interesting backdrop, and you already have an incredible combination to create stellar wedding photos! Props and accessories let your couples add a personal touch to their wedding photographs. Used creatively, these decorative pieces make posing more fun and participatory for your couples (and their guests too). Even if the backdrops are sometimes plain and drab, colorful and creatively designed photography props can add a little drama and character to your images in the blink of an eye – or in the blink of a flash, in this case! Props can also be masterfully used in photographs to tell a story or simply give the images a quirky spin. Go ahead and suggest some amazing photography props to your couples and help them create some unique, unforgettable images from the list we’ve shared here.

7 Amazing Photography Props Your Couples Will Love

Infographic stating have fun with ready-made or DIY photography props

When it comes to choosing photography props, there are endless options that could work in your and your couple’s favor. Your couples can even get them customized to suit their style and the theme of the wedding. But, if they are keen on adding a personal touch to their special day, you could suggest that they go the do-it-yourself (DIY) way. Mixing and matching both the options also make for a great way to add a dash of creativity to your photos.

1. Decorated Ladder

A wooden or wrought-iron ladder can look very appealing when adorned with flowers or ribbons. If your couple can’t find a decorated ladder in the market, they can purchase a simple one, paint it white and ask the wedding decorators to do it up for them. Or, if they have time on hand, you could advise them to think of it as a pre-wedding couple activity right there! They can decorate the ladder with fake flowers and colorful ribbons to match their wedding vibe. Ask them to get it placed in a corner of the wedding venue that contrasts with the white of the ladder. And voila! A gorgeous photo frame will be ready for the couple and their guests to pose against. What’s more? As a wedding photographer, these personalized tips you give your couples could also help you gain their trust and confidence. 

2. Fairy Lights or Hanging Bulbs

Silhouette of a couple kissing framed through a window
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If your bride is all in for a princess or fairy-tale wedding, fairy lights and hanging bulbs can help you achieve that look. These beautiful little illuminated elements can transform any location into a dreamy setting and add warmth to the images. The string of lights can be stretched out horizontally or placed against a wall to create a waterfall-like effect and magically enhance the creative appeal of your photos. Also, think of romantic bokeh images! Your couples might just love them. However, when composing such an image, make sure that these lights aren’t too close to your couple in order to get it right. 

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3. Smoke Bombs

A bride and groom posing while holding each other as they are surrounded by pink color smoke bomb
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @ashleyrayphotography

Smoke bombs can be the perfect photography props for outdoor weddings and allow you to create a surreal effect in your couple’s images. There are so many colors available now, so if your couple is having a tough time deciding what to go with, you could help them pick out something that suits their wedding theme or their story. You can ask your couple to hold the smoke bombs or if you are looking for more dreamy wedding images, you could also ask your assistant to carry them during the shoot. 

4. Umbrellas

A black and white image of a bride and groom holding an umbrella as it rains
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer @jorgesantiagophoto

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple umbrella. An umbrella could act as an amazing photography prop to help your couples get those deeply romantic wedding images. Also, you can put it to use if the rain decides to show up on your couple’s big day. Use your expertise with lighting to creatively capture the tiny raindrops falling on the umbrella and create some breathtaking couple portraits in this setting. Transparent umbrellas can work wonders if you want to capture the raindrops through them, while some lighter shades of umbrellas can be helpful in getting gorgeous silhouettes. Think about the newlyweds stealing a kiss under the umbrella! That’s a classic romantic shot you could add to your couples portraits. 

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5. Themed Balloons 

Infographic stating let the balloons do the talking

Despite being one of the most underrated photography props, balloons can certainly add a pop of fun to even the dullest backdrops. You can suggest wedding-themed balloons to your couple for their big day. They can be alphabet or number balloons, stating the name or the initials of the bride and groom and the wedding date or a sweet message that the couple wants to convey to their guests. The balloons could be metallic silver or gold or if your couple prefers it that way, they could even be simple balloons pastel colors. A wall decorated with balloons can also make for a picture-perfect backdrop. These days, balloons come in all kinds of shapes and colors, so you could simply suggest your couples to go with something that aligns with their preferences.

6. Custom Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are quite popular at weddings, and most of them often include photo props. However, these props could also be bought directly from the market too. Available in the form of signs, quotes, masks, necklaces and other quirky items, they could definitely turn up the fun (and creative poses) at the wedding. Your couple and their guests can pose with these props, and in the case of stationary props, you could photograph the guests near the sign even as the wedding is going on in the background.

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7. DIY Paper or Fake Flowers

A bride and groom walking down the aisle that has a floral entrance and exit as a photography prop
Image Courtesy: ShootDotEdit Customer

Paper flowers that match the wedding vibes can be a perfect backdrop element for an outdoor or indoor wedding. They can be a great photography prop and range from the simplest ones to intricately layered flowers made out of paper or various other fabrics. They can be used to decorate a wall or the ceremony arches and even help adorn that old swing in the garden of the bride’s parental home (if that’s where the bride is getting ready or the wedding is taking place). In turn, the swing could end up becoming one of the most gorgeous photo spots for the couple and their guests. That’s some childhood nostalgia for the bride and lots of stellar wedding photos too!

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Photography props are indeed a great way to let your images speak for themselves, and most of the time,these decorative pieces help to bring out the fun side of your couples and their guests. The options are endless when it comes to choosing wedding photography props. Think of slates to write sweet messages on, flower crowns for the bridesmaids, or even face masks to add an element of mystery to the photos. Let your creativity shine through and your camera capture the magic of these tiny details. Go ahead and share these creative prop ideas with your couples and help them create happy memories! 

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