On your Instagram business account, what type of photos do your followers really love? Have you noticed that one image has been more successful than the rest? All it takes it one photo to go viral for you to reach ideal clients and continue to provide them with beautiful images, resources, and personal posts. So you can take a look back at your images on Instagram and decide what your clients enjoy, we have 3 wedding photographers who are revealing their most successful post to date.

The images they share here are not necessary measured on success by the number of likes they received. The success could have been because of what it lead to, or maybe a personal success the photographer achieved. Keep in mind likes are not the only way to measure success for your Instagram posts. When you learn why your photos are so popular, you begin to understand your audience better. Then, you can continue to provide your clients with similar images on your account for them to enjoy.

Tagging Influential Couples

Depending on who your ideal client is, they may already have a following of their own, or are influential in some other way. If this is the case for your clients, tagging them can help you expand the reach of your photo. Tagging on Instagram is a simple way for you to inform your clients you shared their photos. Because of this, your clients may be more like to show their friends and family your page, where they can see your work.

Orange County wedding photographer, Rich Lander’s most successful Instagram post featured an influential couple that his followers were excited to view and share. This photo is Rich’s most memorable post to date because of how quickly the photo went viral.

“I shot Hayley Page’s wedding last year, and my most successful Instagram post is an image from the ceremony. Right after the first kiss, they lit off pink smoke bombs in the background. There happened to be awesome light during the ceremony, which never happens, that made the photo even more special. I think the image was so successful because it was Hayley, which is why it was re-posted so many times.” – Rich Lander


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Sharing Personal Moments

Although it can be helpful to keep your business and personal Instagram account separate, it can sometimes be helpful to share personal moments with your followers. When you share photos of your life through Instagram, you begin to connect with clients who are perfect for you on a more personal level. Because your followers likely already love the wedding photos you post, sharing personal moments can continue to help build their trust for you.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, Jessica Claire’s most successful Instagram post is one that reflects a personal moment for her and her family. It showcases how important it can be to share details about your life and those closest to you. When you interact with your followers to build connections, they will be excited to share personal moments with you. Because it was a moment between two of those closest to her, it became Jessica’s most memorable post to date.

“My most successful photo on Instagram is from when my brother proposed to his girlfriend. It was a good photo, especially because my sister-in-law had a great reaction. It always surprises me when my more personal posts are popular. I always assume people are only visiting my account to look at wedding photos, but then I realize that posting personal things helps them relate to me.” – Jessica Claire


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Posting Creatively with Personal Photos

Even though you are showcasing your brand as a wedding photographer, you still hold important roles outside of your business. Your family, friends, hobbies, and other areas of your life are what shape you into the photographer you are today. Including your creativity with your personal photos can showcase your unique personality. Also, when you use your creative muscles to share photos with clients, you challenge yourself to become a better photographer.

Orange County and Los Angeles wedding photographer, Ning Wong’s most successful Instagram post is one where he showcased his creativity for his followers to encounter. He also included his daughter, which shares a bit of his personal life. Your followers want to get to know you as a photographer, but also want to understand who you are outside of your photography business. Because it featured his daughter, and went viral, this photo is Ning’s most memorable to date.

“The photo which was most successful is one of my daughter when she was 3 months old. I put her in a Think-Tank bag, with all of the lenses in there, and I had a Profoto softbox on there, and I shot it on a wooden table. It went mini-viral, and you can still find it on Google images.” – Ning Wong


Sharing photos on your Instagram business account allows you to remain visible to your followers. Taking time to evaluate what photos your clients enjoy can help you work on your style in your images. Continue to post your images on Instagram after you receive them back from a wedding photo editing company. You can share photos after wedding day, during a personal trip or event, or provide your clients with education so they can share with their friends and family! Discover other tips and tricks to succeeding on Instagram with our Instagram for Wedding Photographers Guide!


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